Duterte now against legalization of medical marijuana

President Duterte has changed his tune about the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes, saying this would give people an excuse to plant their own …


  1. noon siya nag open the idea about medical marijuana dahil hindi makasama sa tao, ngayon ayaw na. klaro na dahil malaki ang kita sa shabu. saan na yung bilyong halaga ng shabu nakuha sa magnetic lifter? diba kumpare ni polong ang may ari?

  2. His point is to give it time to be a worldwide use with a reputation of being regulated properly by many governments, because the current Filipinos now will abuse this and plant more than medical purpose and black market some of their plants to other illegal use. There are still many undisciplined and abusive Filipinos who will exploit this, so not now, at least as what he have said not yet.

    Other developed country has the capacity to legalize medicinal marijuana because of their economic stature. And even if they have legalized it, they are still studying how things work community wise.

    So just do what is legal and avoid what isn't.

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