1. Jack Webb was an alcoholic and chain smoker trying to make the case as his alter-ego Joe Friday that alcohol won’t lead to problems like going to Weed but smoking weed will certainly cause you to go to Heroin and destroy your life.

  2. Why is this a ''great speech'', cannabis being a gateway drug has been debunked. LSD automatically fucking you up for life is debunked, alcohol do damage braincells unlike cannabis, cannabis does not impair your ability to learn. Everything this dude said is just factually untrue. Additionally alcohol kills 95000 people every year by alcohol poisoning alone + is the leading cause of a third of all fatal car accidents, alcohol is the biggest gateway drug known to man! Most people whom try ecstasy, mdma, cocaine do it intoxicated by alcohol, alcohol makes you fat, alcohol often make people aggressive behaviour in public and in spousal abusive homes, long term use of alcohol damages regions in the brain assosiated with empathy
    No one have dies from cannabis,the danger of driving high is akin to the dangers of driving sober during dusk (about 30%, compared to alcohol's 5000%)

    If we don't legalize weed, we should illegalize alcohol. Stop supporting the private prison industry and corrupt medical industry! The fuck is wrong with you sheep.

    Source Wikipedia, niaaa.nih.gov/publications/brochures-and-fact-sheets/alcohol-facts-and-statistics, and Norwegian central traffic statistic Centre.

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