1. that was harsh but i agree with your facts. much of the anxiety and paranoia would go away if they also removed the threat of imprisonment, loss of jobs, and poverty and social humiliation…if caught taking cannabis! yet, in true victim blaming bully manner….cannabis is blamed for causing the anxiety! it doesn't…how could it do two things at once?? its one or the other and the science sez calming. Calming. and being is imprisioned IS scary…

  2. its people like YOU who make your son un able to do anything because if they want to smoke marjuana they have to do it behind closed doors. if they could do it out in the open and not be judged ever 2 secods and called druggys an have there own place to go and do t like alcahol users then there would be no problem,
    Alcahol is a drug so are you ADDICTED to it?.
    and cannabis isnt physically adictive.
    butgood luck brainwashing your son and convining him that tobacco and cancer is a better choice

  3. I'm with you also, he still is the best, Dr. Todds physical body pooped out, but his spirt will live with us all! Rest in "Peace" Dr. Todd, but something tells me, his sperit is out exploring the universe about now.

  4. Dr. Todd Mikuriya, a great person, brilliant man, proud to be one of his many patients and luck to have known him. I will miss our very intelligent but brief conversations in the Berkeley Hills, he helped so many and unselfishly. I wanted to ride my Hemp powered Diesel motorcycle on my next visit, but it was not meant to be. Miss Ya Doc!

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