Dr. Robert Turner – Non-Epileptic Events aka Pseudoseizures

Dr. Robert Turner leads a discussion on non-epileptic events, also known as pseudoseizures.

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  1. I thought that they would never stop I was afraid to leave my house in fear of having one out in public I would have an aura before hand that I started uncontrollably looking up at the ceiling and falling backwards felt like that feeling when you go down a roller coaster only it wasn't a good feeling to me. While I was unconscious having the seizures every time I would see myself on an ambulance and I was dying from the seizure which made me panic every time I woke up on an actual ambulance after a seizure I would flip out on the paramedics and demand they let me out I was still out of it but I was panicking because I thought I was going to die. Eventually in 2013 I told my doctor that dilantin did nothing for my seizures but make them worse so he put me on Keppra 500 mg two times a day and I got off the dilantin, I used for a year plus nut noting works out not until I found Dr. Alfred who sent me some herbal medicines and directed me how to use, since doing so I have not had a seizure in almost 6 years, dralfredspellhome@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/dralfredspellhome/ and whatsapp number is +2348134653457,

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