Dr. Rhonda Patrick's Top 10 Health Tips (#3)

In this video, you will learn about Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s top 10 health tips! I studied Rhonda Patrick’s content and in this video, I will summarize it into her top 10 …


  1. The doctor's views are stimulating for discussion. I'm not sure about focusing on the biological age. This cannot apply to Peter Pan. I like to undergo experiments, for example with a dry sauna, for example. However, Dr. Patrick's relationship with nature is excellent. I love summer when I can wrestle outside. I like to sprint, not only uphill! I know the value of breathing! Just like Thomas Bernhard! I just regret that one of the promising poetess from Prague is depressed by nature. She writes and recites a charming impression and lives a promiscuous sex life. Where did the mistake happen, if it happened at all?

  2. I love green tea, especially fresh harvest Japanese tea (if only I could get it fresh here). But it doesn't really agree with me. For some reason it makes me really jittery and it is not the caffeine. I can drink gallons of coffee without any effects. So, I can only do tea sparingly.

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