1. Let's all agree thanks to the murderers we are getting rid of people that's solve 2 things: over population/rich people and waste cuz no people= no throwing trash our hero also some rich people are greedy fools that do nothing to help( some cuz they have nothing to spend that stuff on when they will just die and their money goes to their children)

  2. A great vid, but Shipman comes in at no. 22 of serial killers regarding kill count. The single worst serial killer was a female baby farmer with a kill count of over 1500, Tofana and her her crew killed more than 600, Credonia's kill count is more than 900, and the The Velpke Baby Home case (of 8 killers) murdered more than 400, just to name a few

  3. He lived in Todmorden for some time? Fun fact: that's german for "killing dead" !!!!11
    Also: There was a case where a male nurse did similar stuff here in goold ol' Deutschland…maybe next time 😉

  4. I think Danny should write all your scripts for this channel. His writing style goes very well with you commentary. So yell down to the basement and tell Danny to start working overtime. The background music was slightly disruptive at times as well. Other than that great video.

  5. God damnit….I go looking for a biography I find Simon. i look for videos on the Spruce goose i find Simon. I look for videos on funny business failures I FIND SIMON… and NOW. I LOOK AT A CRIME DOC…..SIMON!!!

    Jk love you tho

  6. I wouldn't say serial killer more like Greedy Killer… I know well enough that drugs like that rewire your brain to where you don't think things through and all you think of was money and drugs… Crazy…

  7. In Australia we’ve had a few cases of life without parole. Ivan Milat (who died in prison), Marin Bryant the Port Arthur Gunman and the murderer’s of Nurse Anita Cobby. These were the worst crimes Australia has seen. Justice prevailed in these cases and rightly so imo

  8. At 15.05 something weird is reflected in the picture frame behind Simon 😱👻😱
    Probs just someone walking past in the back ground, I watch waaaay too many paranormal video's,lol.

  9. Simon….you are everywhere on YouTube. Here I was expecting someone new on a channel I've yet to explore but nay…..your enigmatic head pops up!! I am not disappointed as I'm subed to other channels you're a part of…just surprised.
    You work very hard(obviously,lol) and deliver awesome content.
    Now to off I go to subscribe to yet another YouTube channel. Cheers Simon👍

  10. This guy was just a complete sociopath with a huge ego. IMO the only reason he completed suicide is because he couldn't continue living his life as he pleased. He obv had no conscious, didn't feel anything, except maybe pleasure, for what he had done and thought of his patients only as a means to benefit himself. He should have been under watch as ppl like him don't deserve an easy out. If anything, everything possible should have been done to extend his life as long as possible and forced daily to watch videos of his victims over and over. Give him his own personal hell on earth.

  11. Simon, you say that you are not if you believe that there is a hell. Well it does exist, and Harold Shipman will be in there, screaming in agony for what he has done for all of eternity. That is true justice!

  12. I remember this on the news too. It was so distressing because it felt like it could happen to your family or friends so easily!
    As a sick and disabled person, I am at risk of abuse and murder like this. Probably more so than many others in their mid 30s. So this story is particularly terrifying. It would be very easy to wait until I am sick and slip something in to my drips or something 🥺 and I just want a decade or two with my kids growing up. I am scared enough of the health conditions that are likely to kill me eventually…

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