I get messaged everyday asking me about THC eliquid, and more specifically “fake THC eliquid”. I’ve given my thoughts about this on stream before, but i figured …


  1. My dad tried it it was supposed to be Thc but was spice and he was fucked like he could not remember anything can you remember it at all really bad and he doses smoke g or anything and that’s really aggressive kicked my mum’s friend and grab my mum and all mad like it really was

  2. In the U.S we actually sell 710 solution to make carts. CBD,THC. They have terpenes in them and actually enhances the cannabinoids. I used to work at a smoke shop and ever since I've just be making my own resin and cart. I only buy flower.

  3. Nowhere near as strong as a joint if you’ve got a real one my mate used to make them and I’d say it gets you as stoned as oldschool rocky it’s really not all that. 100% not worth it if I wanted that sorta high I’d smoke some nice hash it would get me more stoned anyway

  4. Yo I've been smokin some thc liquid for a solid like 3 months and havent felt any health defects, and it feels like im just having bud not some completely other experience. I reckon its safe

  5. Quick funny experience I had from THC E-Liquid:

    So last year I had this group of "mates" but they were absolute wankers, low-lives and have nothing ahead of them, I used to hang about with them on the streets and was introduced to shit like booting off car wing-mirrors, running over cars, smashing windows, robbing and jumping people but I weren't into none of that shit that isn't how I've been brought up, I've been brought up with a loving mum and brother yeah my mum smokes abit of weed but that's why I have nothing against it as she's never had a negative effect from it (plus I am a smoker of it myself for health health reasons as does my mum) but yeah back into the funny experience; me and these lads was all in one of the lads sheds where we used to chill, a few of them had E-Cigs with THC liquid in them so we was all chonging off them and smoking weed at the same time, it got to about 1AM so about 14 of us started walking home and we was ALL fucked to the point where we couldn't see straight, we was falling over into the road and shit etc, (we weren't the friendliest looking group either we all looked like proper road men smh 🤦🏻‍♂️) anyway I got home and I was messed up heres where the crazy experience came in, I had my phone in my hand and I don't know if anyone's ever felt like this but my girlfriend was texting me and I started thinking "wow isn't it crazy how through this little tiny device I can text my girlfriend who is what a 20 minute walk from mine, wow isn't it crazy how 50 years ago you could only watch a TV show you liked when it was coming on TV at a certain time and now you can just pick up this device and go on Netflix or YouTube" it was the weirdest experience I've ever had and the only person that knows is my mum lmao. To end the story off its been a year I've been stuck in my house because I can't be arsed going out facing these pricks who I used to call mates who used me for cigs, weed, rizzlers, etc yeah they switched up on me because I spoke up and told them to stop littering in my garden and have some respect, I don't go out not even to see my now mint group of friends who hang about with me and my girlfriend also so I have great friends around me at the minute but still whenever I wanna see them they have to come to my house because I don't wanna go out and get jumped by 20 lads with knives, 3 people on me yeah come on I don't care but risking my life over a group of skanks I'm smarter than that, so yeah I stay in and my girlfriend comes to see me and my mates come to see me also but yeah kinda feels like prison 😂😅

    If anyone has read to here thank you for reading my little biography 😂😭
    I appreciate you! ❤️🙏🏼

  6. If your buying a 10ml of ‘thc liquid’ for 15£ no way there’s enough room for matey to be making profit and it be REAL THC. Think about the price of distillate used to make REAL thc e liquid. Would have to be over 30£ a bottle and be very week to be profitable

  7. My mate took 4 drags of the stuff in school toilets and collapsed. Last time I touched it I didn’t even feel stoned properly I just didn’t feel right. I’ll stick to bud

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