1. Do the math. The news is making a fear campaign against vaping. Who owns the news or holds a high influence on some news outlets? Big Pharma and Big Tobacco. Big Pharma is afraid of losing a ton of money from their smoking cessation products such as the patch, sprays, lozenges, gum, and antidepressant drugs that are used for the same purpose. Big Tobacco will lose lots of money if vaping becomes the “new cigarette” people decide to get their nicotine from. But even more evil is the fact that if they keep people smoking cigarettes guess what industry benefits from all the health problems associated with the combustion of tobacco. It is one big cycle of bullshit to keep these industries alive and well. Sick of hearing all this bullshit… it’s the same with pain killers there is similar plan that make getting rid of painkillers more profitable for the very same industry that makes them. If people are suffering from severe chronic pain all and night everyday they will seek other alternatives to treat their pain and emotional turmoil. It is always about the money and politicians are just puppets and the mainstream news media turns people into mindless sheep. Left, right, or center all news agencies make their own little echo chambers for the god damn American public that generally speaking does not possess critical thinking skills and never questions what they are told. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that proves many of their talking points wrong. One such example is the undeniable evidence that shows vaping is ninety-five percent less harmful for you than smoking or that nicotine is no more dangerous than caffeine. Yah not vaping or smoking is the best option but guess what people are going to do what they want to do regardless of the dangers… FFS news is not news anymore and hasn’t been for a very long time.

  2. I literally just walked into school and saw my classmate just throw up on herself and fall, basically having a seizure. It was so scary. I’m glad she’s alive though.

  3. Each year, about 150,000 Americans are diagnosed with this central nervous system disorder that causes seizures. Over a lifetime, 1 in 26 U.S. people will be diagnosed with the disease, nobody blinks an eye. 35 in over 10 million Americans to vape over the last 10 years, everyone loses their fucking mind. The report should show you're less fucking likely to have seizures lmao.

  4. The FDA likes to throw around a lot of misinformation. Especially Scott Gottlieb. They want to poison the pool of public opinion so when it comes time for voting on things such as flavors in Vape liquid, they get things band like in New York. This will start a chain reaction in other places that might of been on the fence will follow as well. They’ve been trying to do the same thing with the herbal supplement kratom.

  5. I know for a fact that amphetamines can cause siezures. As well as some cutting agents that ppl use in amphetamines and other narcotics can cause siezures especially when injected or when ppl have had a history of siezures.

  6. I think they need to lower the MG on salt nic 55mg is ridiculous (IMO) I smoked for 40 years 2 packs a day menthol cigarettes I’m one year free of cigarettes and decreased from 3mg Freebase nicotine to 1.5mg

  7. In the UK, vaping is linked to heart disease and depression… because people with heart disease tend to stop smoking, and people with depression tend to like coping mechanisms and distractions.  They didn't bother to mention that the actual staff in the facilities that treat patients hail vaping as the most successful smoking cessation method ever devised.  My dad had a heart attack a couple of years ago, bowel cancer, and several micro-strokes.  At this time, with all that going on he was smoking a pack of cigars a day – and not a little 5 pack.  Now he has an Aegis full of Heisenberg attached to his hand 24 hours a day, 2 years down the line that we wouldn't have had without vaping… hoping for even more years with him than we deserve.  I suffer from anxiety and to be honest I always found it very difficult to quit smoking – I couldn't be productive without it, always miss my joint.  Now 2 years down the line since my last cigarette… and that was only a couple after a xmas party.  I don't have to sit and smoke to concentrate, I can vape any time I want.  The bottom line is that compared to other cessation techniques, vaping is delicious and relaxing and interesting and defensible.  My fam run into people who dislike vaping all the time – they talk a lot of rubbish then have to come to me to corroborate… boils my piss bro – it means I missed out on correcting/traumatising an idiot – educating them about what vaping actually does that's different to smoking and why governments don't like it.

  8. This is no less than a revelation. Good job fda! Millions dies every year from cigarettes and they cling to 35 cases in 10 years with no proove of it coused by e cigs. Amazing how they care for our health…
    Tobacco corporations has the fda in their money stincking pockets.

  9. Lol I take caffeine pills to stay alert and I take amphetamines for adhd and I vape to help with stop smoking 2 packs and I haven’t have seizures I use a breeze 2 with 36mgs nicotine and I feel fine lol maybe it’s because stupid people who doesn’t know to keep hydrated because amphetamines and caffeine and nicotine vg can make you you dehydrate and you need to stay hydrated because dehydration can make you have seizures I stay hydrated all day with my big ass water bottle I have with me all the time I swear ppl need to know this before combing this shit you know

  10. Hey Wayne, how many had a seizure behind the wheel, veered off and killed a family of 3 or 4 in a minivan? You know, like drunk drivers have been known to do, and drinking is legal, I would know. I'm 12 beers and about 10mls of Misty in for my final work day of the week. But hey fuck it, these damn vapers are ruining the youth and causing global warming

  11. Thanks heaps for this Wayne. Saw this article a few nights ago I think and I was basically waiting for you to cover it and you did! Thanks for your insight and explanation 👍

  12. I am going to back up the c-liquid theory. While I was in prison I must have seen 100 or more people fall out and have seizures from smoking k2, and I personally know how it effects you, I tried k2 one time and said never again, it’s a vary bad and dangerous compound of many chemicals.

  13. Wayne love "VaporAlert" segment, just awesome common sense approach to vapor related news! It kills me to hear and especially watch the FDA puke out just another absurd claim that somehow vaping is the "Devil!" It definitely doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the FDA's angle is but come on already "Seizures" really? The only thing making them have a seizure and I use that term loosely, is quite simply is the high dose nicotine in salt nic liquids most likely! But I'm not a scientist so let's just do a unbiased 10 year study on everything vaping! #blackcatfam #VapingSavesLives #PhoenixVapor

  14. Lol you also have to think if these people have the condition beforehand and if they had lack of sleep and alcohol in their system as well.

    If that’s the case, a ham sandwich will trigger it 🤬

  15. I can see flashing light triggering seizures but not the act of vaping causing this. My sister is epileptic and flashing lights will trigger it. Video games and movies with the same flashing/strobing light can trigger this as well.

    They are reaching like a mo-fo and you just want to take them by the scruff of their neck and put their face in their shit and say “bad fda…bad!!””

  16. I'd go as far as to say this was irresponsible of the FDA to put that info out there. It's ridiculous! It's like if the police were investigating a murder and they put out a press release saying, "Jim Bob was seen near the scene of the crime that night. We're not saying he's guilty, we just want the public to be safe". Like, wtf?! It's so frustrating!

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