1. edibles for me 10g of indica gummy about 45 minutes before getting tattooed. If it's a long session (6/8 hours) I'll have another 10g 3/4 hours into those session. Doesn't really help with pain, but helps me relax sit still plus be more comfortable in the position I have sit in.

  2. I've got like 20ish tats by now. I was super nervous for my last one, a big back of the thigh piece. I ate 4 edibles (1/2 of one is normal to get me stoned)….and wow i got through a 3.5 hour session including back of knee ditch no problem. I'll be repeating this for every tattoo from now on.

  3. I sat through a 3 1/2 hour session on my sleeve the other day while high and I found it to be very hard to sit still. It was taking all my concentration to not move a muscle and I couldn’t even focus on how painful it was.

  4. I don't really smoke weed these days, but I'm thinking of taking some valium before my first tattoo. When I have back massages it's like torture for me, but when I have valium it helps me relax and feels significantly less painful. I'm hoping it will be similar with a tattoo, or at least I'll be relaxed enough to sit well and not be tense.

  5. If you smoke daily all day, definitely smoke before your tattoo sesh. If sitting for long take a break and smoke. NOTHING will reduce the pain besides heavy drugs or lido cane rubs soaked in the skin before the tattoo, and even those don't last forever.

  6. I'm very scared about getting my tattoo, I'm getting it in two days, but I feel like weed just makes me more anxious and everything is more intense to me, so pain also hurts more than usual to me when smoking weed, so not a good idea for me xd I'm very anxious about getting my first tattoo already

  7. for me weed just helped me ease the anxiety pre tattoo. i woke up feeling super nervous and anxious about getting my half sleeve, smoked a bowl and i was instantly relieved and level headed. didn’t notice any less pain but it helped me overall get the tattoo.

  8. I was a super heavy weed smoker for most of my life. When i get tattoo work done it doesnt really bother me sitting for 8 hour sessions when sober. One day i decided to smoke half a blunt right before my 8 hour session. Boy it was a big mistake. my senses were intensified and i couldnt sit well at all. For the first hour i couldnt sit still but as soon as soon as the high wore off i was back to normal without fidgeting. Since that day i have never got high and got tattoo work done. Sober works for me and it makes it easier for my artist when i can sit for a long time without moving.

  9. Do you tattoo clients while your high, and do you also smoke for inspiration when designing etc? Just asking out of curiosity, it would not bother me in the slightest if you were stoned while doing my tattoo, infact I'd think you'd probably do a better job, you can really get into shit and concentrate while high, especially if you know your strains and have access to them.

  10. After. Not during.
    Maybe an hr or 2 before. It just makes it more tedious and makes it last longer.
    Im sorry you had to lose ur 2nd amendment rights in order to treat ur pain safely.
    Im fighting to change that my fellow american.

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