1. It is impossible for something that has 4x the amount of tar that cigarettes have to be good for your skin. I smoke every day but let’s please quit being delusional. Smoking anything is going to make you age quicker. Yes it’s good for pain and some mental issues though. It will calm you down.

  2. For me smoking weed does to shit to your skin only besides me cause i just realized it today i went high to my first period class in HS today and im just chilling doing my work intell i glance for a sec i see hives all over my forearms (allergic reaction) and i would only get these redness bumps on my body from sweat and exercising but after school i go home and i hit my stiizzy waxpen and i noticed hives or some other shit. Either way i have drug allergies , cause i also drunk a beer and the hives just creeped all in my skin after and im only 16 GG , it doesnts help for shit to some type of people

  3. I suffer from multiple crippling mental health issues and am considering smoking weed, as I've already tried CBD, which has only helped a lil bit with my mood but not my actual illnesses, and feel I need something stronger and and more effective. Btw where are you from?

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