1. I deleted an anti-vaccine thread from the comments. The science behind vaccines is settled even if the politics are not. I'm not in the business of spreading misinformation that can harm people on my site so please don't waste your time trying to argue about the utility of vaccines here. Let's stick to legitimate science and not pseudoscience.

  2. Kevin, you gave me the confidence to start propecia and I just a first pill. My question is that taking 0.5 every other day would be effective rather than taking it every day?. Also in the long term, will I have any issue my kidney soon?

  3. I have been shedding since I was 16 and now I will be 19 6 months later. i have overal thinning can i regrow those hair
    and what medication should i use since i am 18 should i use mico dosage pls i need an answer please

  4. I'm going to start today my finasterid journey, i am already on minoxidil and got onto pantostin after watching your videos. Watching your videos and getting more informed helped me alot getting over my fears, especially since i started diffuse thinning at 18 and i was especially afraid of not developing my beard after taking Propecia. But after watching more and more of your videos and getting more informed by my doctor I am feeling ready. I also am going to start working out more and hope of starting to eat less animal products and eventually get vegan. So thank you Kevin for your videos and being an inspiration.

  5. Do you think it's a good idea to mix minoxidil solution 5% from Kirkland with finasteride (60mg in 60ml of solution to make 0.1% concentration) and 1.2 grams of RU58841 (20 mg per day)

  6. has anyone here had good results from using finasteride? im up on my 1 year now and i just started shedding like crazy again. but i guess it means its good to shed

  7. Hey Kevin, off topic from the video – do you have any pics of when your hair was at its worst? Pre transplant pre treatment? I would be interested to see your before pics. Love your channel man keep it real.

  8. Great vid, having parents who used to be heavy smokers is what stopped me ever trying cigarettes as a kid.

    What are your thoughts on people who say that finasteride actually furthered their hair loss or ruined their hair? Is there any science behind that?

  9. Hello Kevin,
    For me Proscar pieces are basically like popcorn. I just pop them one after the other while watching TV.
    1) I remember you mentionned you've tried Dutasteride back in the day but with no additionnal gains in comparison to just Finasteride. But what is your plan B if Finasteride's efficacy wanes away in a few years ? Would you switch back to Dutasteride ? Or rather add Winlevi on top of finasteride ?
    2) Is there any scientifical evidence that Cyproterone Acetate (Androcur) causes brain tumor ? Or is it just an internet rumor just like the fear mongering around Finasteride causing sides while in reality we all know it's just a nocebo effect ?
    3) How many hairs per day do you shed when applying topical minoxidil ? I know you probably don't count them but just approximatively ?
    Thanks, keep up the good work and of course FUCK DHT 🔥🤛🤜

  10. Amazing video… very cool. I love that Taiwanese study. Obviously this falls under tobacco smoking, but I wonder if cigar smoking has the same level of damage. I mean usually only nicotine is absorbed and almost no tobacco/tar is brought into the blood and certainly no chemicals; so I’m curious on that. Keep it up!

    Honestly, I’d love to see a video about the if there is an increase prevalence of finasteride symptoms if your hormones or testosterone is lower before you take finasteride. I’ve seen some other information that might suggest this. Could be way wrong. I’m looking at having all my bloodwork stabilized before getting on, but you’ve definitely changed my mind about it.

  11. Hi Kevin, I Saw your video on topical dutasteride, and after that the one from More plates more dates on the same subject. I would like to know your opinion on his thinking that the superior molecular weight of duta compared to the one of Fina makes a topical solution of duta less likely to go systemic that topical fin.
    He saw many examples of men having side effects with oral fin and topical fin and no longer having them on topical dut.
    In some blood works that he saw, topical dut reduced scalp dht by 80% and sérum DHT by beetween 20-40%. Even if there is lack of research on it, he thinks that it's very promising.
    What is your opinion on it ?

  12. Kevin, I don't mean to be controversial and apologise in advance if I come across naive. I know there are many health benefits to going vegan aside from being more humane too but personally speaking, did you see any difference in your hair quality since going vegan? I know eating adequate protein is important for hair growth, lack of protein in the diet has been shown to promote hair loss bla bla but I've been researching and so far acknowledged that a vegan diet can be rich in iron from leafy green vegetables etc, yet iron in plant foods is less readily available for your body to use than iron derived from animal sources. Therefore leading to iron deficiency, resulting in hair loss? Lack of other vitamins in a vegan diet includes B12, D3, Fatty acids important for hair growth/ strength… What are your thoughts on this? Surely supplementation alone isn't the answer?

    Note: Your channel has helped me MASSIVELY in fighting hair loss and for that I'm grateful !!

  13. Huge fan of your videos dude! I’m 24 and been on finasteride for 3 months and minoxidil 5% Foam for 5 months Norwood 3, you are such a great leader in our fight against male pattern baldness!! Keep up the great work bro

  14. Hey kevin, if you're a guy and you have Male-pattern baldness, will using a blow dryer on your hair twice every week cause significant damage or increase in hairfall? Also, can you tell me what's the best solution for pattern baldness in girls?

  15. Nicotine is fine in moderation every once in a while (can even help with alzheimer's and parkinson's disease) but yeah smokers who can't last an hour without a cigarette are pathetic.

  16. I just finished year 12 and stopped competitive swimming back in grade 10 because I thought chlorine possibly damaged and caused hair loss. My hair has been good lately now that I have fin and minoxidil. Though now I’m starting swimming back up to stay fit, do you think chlorine can link to hair loss? (This could possibly be a video)

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