1. lol DHEA at 300mg daily has been better for anti ageing just becuase my joints feel better and i still lose weight becuase it metabolizes to 7-keto. also eat your broccli so you can prevent estrogen aromatizon helps alot.

  2. Ran 3 DNP cycles

    30 day @ 250mcg
    2 week @ 500mcg
    45 day @ 250mcg

    Very very tolerable at 250mcg IME.

    It is very easy to get into serious trouble with it due to the ridiculous half life, but if your not a dork, you will be good.

    I much much prefer it to clen or other Stims.

    But whatever
    I have no dog in this anus

  3. Dnp has Studies on helping liver and cholesterol! Its not a bad drug, anything we abuse has bad sides i mean fuck you can die from eating to many penuts lol oh and taking to much can always have reversed effects aka the liver part

  4. Just recently learned in university about dnp and it seemed really interesting, and this video was a great addition, as we only learned what it does and basically were told that it's bad, but not that there is research going on, so thank you for this interesting vid

  5. Insulin is so dangerous. My mother is a nurse in a diabetes clinic and tells me all about the dangers of abusing it. Look at rich piana the guy almost choked to death shoving food down his throat during a hypoglycaemic episode

  6. Insulin, btw, has the opposite effect on mitochondria and actually slows down your mitochondria's heat production. Untreated t1 diabetics burn 300+ more calories and hyperinsulemic people lower their metabolism by an even larger amount than that.

  7. DNP is very effective. Probably very underrated as well. People need to respect the shit and take responsibly. Stay hydrated is most important. I have run this stuff for over a month of steady dose and increased dosage before wanting to peak before photo shoots and damn the shit is just icing on the cake. This stuff has actually healed my arthritis in hands and elbow. Yes you do get lethargic but just be on your game and balls up.

  8. I hope they will also look into Dinitro-ortho-cresol. It's very similar to DNP, but a much more powerful fat burner at half the dose of DNP and without as severe side effects.

  9. Did 3 years for selling this to 60,000 people. Not a single accidental death. DNP has the potential to save 300,000 people’s lives that die from obesity in America every year. But Big Pharma would rather put profits over life

  10. Love these videos but man these commercials gettin stacked in there a lot more now than before … oof. . I guess that’s a small price to pay for this content .. good stuff bro

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