1. Can you give me an answer Sir? Can they tell that you grow different strain thru the genetic testing if it is still hemp bellow legal thc limit, but looks like a "indica" in someones mind? My country have started the "Genetic base of cannabis" program as an alternative to thc testing. If cannabis = hemp = indica, what they really talking about?

  2. Man, I dig this guy's ATTITUDE !!!! My dream plant to grow would look like if you had seen that plant in high times magazine that looked like white face cream blotchy blue berry bundles with maroon pink Lief notches holding the white face cream bundles together. I would want those buds on a wide Lief indica plant grown like grapes. Nightmarishly beautiful. Like a dangerously threatening bell pepper plant. Ahh to pick that plant out by seed. Big red seeds, I've smoked blunts of just copper red hairs (the original Turkish gold) off 2 oz of bud. Um?

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