Decarboxylation of Cannabis Recipe Time & Temp Explained!

Decarboxylation of Cannabis Recipe Time & Temp Explained! YourCannaLife is a Cannabis Industry Consulting Service. If you’re considering entering the …


  1. I agree 100% with ACMC getting exact and precise information on YouTube is a very difficult thing at times because they allow anybody to just see what they think they know and in reality they’re clueless but thank you so much for being precise and accurate with your description and I can’t wait to try mine out

  2. Dude you have no idea how nice it is to see science based info on decarbing versus stoner knowledge that varies widely. Can you explain why decarbing needs to be done separately when making oil/butter? Most seem to say decarb first but some people say it doesn't matter because you're heating it anyway when making your oil.

  3. What about parchment paper? Does using tin foil squander the potency or results at all? I've heard that parchment paper is the optimal way to go what is the difference??

  4. I place my flower in a Mason Jar and the lid on firm, not tight. This reduces the smell to nothing. I then adjust my oven to 200* as I add the Coconut Oil to the Mason Jar with the lid back on. To filter the oil from the soup, I use a French Coffee Press. I extended the rod on the press to reach to the very bottom of the press to get all the goodness drained out. I then save the flower mixture for another day if I am low on the flower. I have reused the mixture about 3 times and still got a "Hit" from my edibles. Why waste the flower? No idea how many times I can reuse the mixture, but I now have lots to play with.

  5. Aluminium foil, when heated, gives off a toxic vapour, which contributes to the development of the Alzheimer's disease. Stay away from it otherwise your medicine becomes your poison.

  6. Finally a very informative and analyzed video about it!! You earned my like and sub!

    Sooo after this procedure will the butter-making had any complications with the heating again? Thanks

  7. Do you know of any evidence (charts/graph) providing the same information using actual flower/bud material instead of the n-hexane extract in the chart used in this video?
    Or anything more recent compared to the 28 year old graph shown in this video?

  8. What about if you slow cook it for 8 hours? Isn't that pretty much the same thing? Also when i make cookies the recipe says 375 degrees for 13 minutes. Would that burn off the thc?

  9. First you need to decarb to even activate the thc once u activate the thc you can infuse with butter but once it’s activated you can literally take a bud after you decarb and get a buzz . In other words don’t infuse first you always want to decarb to activate .

  10. Shouldn't you go into step two by infusing a butter, oil, sauce, mct, etc. I think now on low simmer in oil of choice for a more full spectrum oil, any feelings.please about to make a Lil also how do you convert into milligrams per bud gram used? Thanks medically

  11. That smell is you loosing potency. Really should use sealed container like a mason jar. No smell with sealed container and better taste. 100 grams of flower at 100 minutes at 212 or 100C per lb of butter. Clarify your butter first. That well get you about as strong as butter will hold. If you use unsealed container the taste can be sickening with potent butter. Closed container keeps terpenes from escaping. That's the smell you smell.

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