Debating drug legalisation with Conservative policing minister | Kit Malthouse full interview

Today the Home Office announced a £148 million new investment to cut crime and protect communities from illegal drugs. The £148 million package takes a …


  1. 'there was a massive over supply"

    Literally the weed the Tories grew at porton down made the UK the largest exporter of medicinal cannabis, much of which is a herb based product.

  2. I'd like to know what right do the Tories have to think they can control the human race and breed us in such a way we do and act in ways that please them.

    That's slavery not freedom.

  3. I can recommend a book

    "Capital" by Karl marx

    He explains how Tory's like the one in this video use the machines of the state to abuses and alienate the people through their ideological crusade for growth and power.

  4. If you are a probation officer then you have been let down by the Tories who took away the EU social fund.

    Also how the tories used the first few months of the pandemic to catch crooks and not track and trace the virus.

    Clearly these people are murderous racists and fascists who make citizens lives hostile.

  5. "drugs".

    Awful word.

    War on drugs was designed to be a war on the left, devised by crazy people in the USA to defeat and undermine the anti-war effort.

    No one is breaking the law by taking substances, the only people breaking the law are the Tories who changed the law for themselves to grow and sell weed out of porton down.

    Also we should talk about George Orwell's dad who was part of the heroin task force working out of Afghanistan many many moons ago. Because heroin and the way it was unleashed on our streets in the 90 was purely down to eh Tories who used it to kill people.

    Also we need to talk about chissers and contylines gangs run by the Tories. People given permission to rape kill and tourture.

  6. Tories are all to happy to export cannibis so much so the uk is the world's largest exporter yet we cant enjoy it here in the UK fivem given the immense economic benefits?

  7. The only long term solution is to tackle poverty in children and families from birth. Once you criminalise someone via dugs their life chances are pretty much gone and so the cycle continues.

    I fear poverty is guaranteed tho now for many more generations and 80 million is a drop in the ocean and won't achieve any real results.

    Decriminalisation/legalisation of drugs would be a far more proactive approach with real long term potential for people to "break free" but there is too much profit for private prisons in the constant supply of low hanging "drug involved" fruit.

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