1. I live in IOWA and we don't have an affordable or potent cannabis oil. There's only 3 dispensaries in IA but they're only allowed to sell only 4.5 % of thc products, and the flower is still illegal.

  2. So what was the name of the specific strain of Cannibis Oil? Did I miss that part? He named dropped the "Emarld Room" and Mike Tyson owns it, as well as "Rick Simpson" videos but tell us the damn name of the "Specific" Cannibis Oil.. I don't get that part, its sooo important that he never mentions it? Guess we have to either go visit the "Emarld Room" or "Rick Simpsons" website? HMMM?

  3. I don't want to take away anything from cannabis but I think he also developed what robert anton wilson called metaprogramming skills. basically he changed his belief so strongly that it changed his body. thats the mind body connection. if you want to understand what im syaing look into the 8 circuit model on youtube by robert anton wilson

  4. Sad but true just as David said "unless you have cancer or an aliment nobody really cares until if affects them in general"
    It's sad to see this man passed away only 5 week after this video was posted:-( He had such passion & spirit within him.
    RIP David Miller

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