CTV Justin Trudeau discusses marijuana legalization

CTV Justin Trudeau discusses marijuana legalization We saw a string of police raids and arrest across Toronto, through the pot dispensaries. This was a mess, …


  1. Who created cannabis but GOD ALMIGHTY. Cannabis laws are one of many ANTI-GOD proclamations by the elites evil governments. Cannabis is not actually legalized. What this woman/wolf in sheep's clothing has done is re-criminalized cannabis. it's more fear mongering tactics by evil. People can not just smoke it anywhere. it appears from reading that only at your residence can it be ingested, but not at your residence if it's a rental property. There are only two laws. GOD'S LAW and the COMMON LAW which for hundreds of years has been controlled by people and not the LAWS made by elites evil governments across the FLAT EARTH.
    Check out this woman/wolf in sheep's clothing. (watch and think outside the box)

  2. Stop being greedy n let the people grow it there guna anyway! Hell the prime minister has smoked it right? Hay I'm not voting cuz one lieing piece of shit is as good as the next and were all guna die!

  3. What happens to every person who got fucked in the past with weed charges, im sure theres thousands who lost everything they had ,now this punk wants to legalize this shit, hope his kids turn into drug addicts, fuck this pos.

  4. Government doing right job killing black money and killing koken use so much 💉💊💉💉💊💊💊💉💊💊💉📈📉 m/w^^d save so much Boyz and girls doing koken 💉💊📊

  5. Sounds good even I would like to have a good buzz sometime.BUT after observing some of my
    co workers and how marijuana has taken control of them I've been scared off.First thing when they get out of bed they light up. They have another while driving to work. Last minute puffs before walking in the door to work. Light up at break time morning and afternoon light up at lunch light up in the car as they're driving off home must be spending more than 100$ a week conservatively speaking Can't function without getting buzzed Get in a foul mood when they run out of weed Often argue with one another over weed What they do at home God knows From past experience I have experienced the effects of weed on the brain It dummies you down makes you want to sleep and overeat Not good if you are at all ambitious.Medical marijuana is good for pain increasing appetite and has shown to decrease seizures in many people. You take the good with the bad but to make it more available to the youth could be a slippery slope Picture in your mind all the kids and adults walking down the street with an Iphone in their hand Now picture them with a marijuana stick in their other hand Not sure this is what we want

  6. Holy shit its been illegal all these years and you little babies are crying that he isn't doing it the way you want? shut the fuck up and wait at least somebody is fighting for it.

  7. Your wrong mr T ..no matter what the kids will get there weed and the more that's grown the easier they will get it period ! And btw don't think you are going to get a pipe line from The worst ongoing man made environmental disaster in the world Alberta Oil Sands out the coast of BC to make the Chinese our good financial buddies !!! We will fight like its war to prevent it !

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