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Crafty vaporizer review with demo session and comparisons with other top portable vaporizers. The Crafty vape is one of the easiest dry herb vaporizers to use …


  1. Broke in 5 months, the thermal fuse broke. This product is worst then the crafty because you can’t replace the fuse yourself now. Snort my Pickel just wants to make money off you building a 350$ CAD on a cheap 1$ thermal fuse. I despise companies who built crap and any promoter of this product is blinded by money and a lies from this company. NOT MADE TO LAST.

  2. what a great channel. I am looking for a rescue for someone with autism ..this seemed a good one with the straw like feature. 1) Do you have any other ones you would recommend that would be easy for someone like this? and 2) we probably would only do 1 or 2 ??draws?? (a newbie here). So can you just leave the bud in there or is there an accessory to just put a bit of bud in? We mostly do oils but on occasion need to vape just a couple of draws.. thanks for helping a newbie out.

  3. I know Crafty is a session vaporizer, but I usually only take 2 or 3 big draws then quickly shut off and put it away in my bag for stealth.

    So, do you know how many draws could we totally take for 1 bowl at about 400F using dry herbs when I keep doing that?
    (heat up > 2 or 3 draws > cool down to normal temperature for a while > heat up …

    I also consider to go with Haze Square Pro, because it’s on-demand, but Crafty has the smoother taste, doesn’t it?

    *The chamber of Ghost MV1 is too small, so it can’t be my portable choice, so sad.

  4. Can someone please tell me or direct me to a video that shows how to use oils, liquids or waxes with the Crafty? I can't find instructions on how to use it with those anywhere. Even the instruction manual just seems to say, "yeah, it exists." I want to know how to use the liquid pad dammit!

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