Comparing a Topped Plant with a Low Stress Trained Plant

NOTE: The following documentary depicts legal cannabis horticulture within the state of California under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This video is for …


  1. Nice job!

    I just have a question bud.
    Im new to the game and a fan of DIY.
    Can i grow one or two cannabis plants with this LED bulb set up?

    3 LED bulbs 19w/150w Phil LED 2700k 2500lm
    5 LED bulbs 10w/75w Phil LED 6500k 1055lm
    15 LED bulbs 13w/100w Phil LED 2700k 1521lm

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  3. Dude… I’m sorry.. but why would you top it that way? I’ve never seen that done in that way. I’ve always seen and always topped by simply picking the center node with my fingers… I cringed when I saw you cut it at the stem

  4. You can't flood air pots. You need to take more time saturating soil with water.
    It takes more time, but works much better and shows no difference in growth, if watered in this way, from fabric pots.

  5. hey thank you for doing a full grow time lapse. so helpful! i can easily compare the shape and size throughout the grow stage and learn a lot in the process! also thanks for being sober while narrating! I'm so tired of watching people trying to teach while so high they can't blink.

  6. They both seem to have their own unique look about them. I’m presently topping and using LST both on the same plant and it’s looking really nice so far. As well as experimenting with different sound frequencies for growth stimulation.
    I’m talking tomato’s that is. I live in a state where it’s still illegal so obviously I would never participate in any illegal activities. Just growing maters.
    The fried green kind 😬

  7. I literally used the exact same setup as far as soil and pots went….Foxfarm Ocean Forest and 5G airpots, nothing added to the soil at all until week 5 or so. I topped the plants (White Widow Max Autos from MSNL) in a 2×4 grow tent that was properly ventilated under 3 Viparspectra p600 LEDs. I got drastically different results. No yellowing of the leaves at all, Plants were between 20-24"with 8 tops on each plant. I suspect ventilation, lights, and water schedule were the issue regarding the yellow leaves and over all look of the plants, not the pots. Maybe I'll repeat the grow with my Girl Scout Cookie Autos and create a video for it. It turned out well and would show that you certainly can top an Auto and get above average results.

  8. You gave a complete advantage to the LST one due to you cutting at the 4th level while they both were at 6 stage. N the vid shows low quality. Idk it isn't a good example on top of that it is well known that Topping isnt favorable for autos.

  9. u need to add water based nutrients with 5,7/6,4 ph to keep that growth explosive. in your timelapse you see the plants stop growing where you tell it runs out of food. you could've had an earlier bloom wich you could have used for boosting the plants for big fat handpalm nuggets. also i would recommend cocos as medium because it has no nutrients at all and you can keep an close eye out to ph level of the medium. last year i added some berry syrup in my waterfeeding and the taste was EXPLODING. fruit based tastes that can be mixed with water could help the taste in the end. Give it once maybe twice when your plants start to bloom early stage(white nodes) experiment worth, trust me. dont add too much, mix a drinking glass so you can taste a bit of fruit mixed with water and add that when you water your plants. This works better with non autoflowers because autoflowers dont process good enough wich can comes out with a bad taste

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