Coco Weed Garden Tour in 4k Documentary! Hanging Phantom 1000w DE lights for cannabis and marijuana

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  1. Im confused. has no one said anything about this video not being in 4k, not 1080p, not even 720p. its only in 360p. probably fine for people viewing on a phone. but i cant see a thing on my 4k 40 inch monitor. so dislike

  2. Guys application of these reflectors is not good for good light uniformity on this size of growing area. Fixtures looks like too near to each other. These wide-spread reflectors are good for rooms with lower PPFD output to get that constant amount of light to bigger area. Check the describtion of this reflector on official gavita channel. Their small-room reflectors are much better for set up like this.

  3. Nice, im running a similar set up. double ended 1000's, sits 70-74F lights off, 77-80F lights on.. 1000 co2. using new millenium nutes.. they're having a couple problems, i havent been able to identify it. =/

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