Chula Vista: Marijuana Dispensary Raid 04272020

INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 4-27-20 11:00 am approx LOCATION: 123 Broadway CITY: Chula Vista DETAILS: The CVPD conducted a raid on an illegal dispensary, …


  1. You see, this is exactly why marijuana will never TRULY be legalized… At least, not on the federal level. Other people ruining it for the rest of us who DON'T do illegal shit with the marijuana. Damn, y'all.

  2. If they are too scared to go after real criminals, they should find another line of work. We need some real brave cops who will go after the dangerous criminals, not cherry pick the safe busts. It's really a shame that the voters legalize, and the police just cant get their teeth out of old grudges. No wonder their are so many activists. Hello!!!???

  3. I hear that California is legally allowed to retain 65% of cash/property that is confiscated during illegal activities. Sure are making a mint in Chula Vista it seems. Maybe making more in these raids than the tax revenue of allowing legal dispensaries to operate within the city?

  4. Since there are no legal marijuana dispensaries in Chula Vista, that means there will be illegal sales in Chula Vista. I hope people take not of that. Whenever you make something illegal, be it drugs or prostitution, gambling etc, there will be an illegal outlet. This is a product of bad public policy by Chula Vista politicians.

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