Chemo or cannabis: Parents of toddler with leukemia in court

Should a Bay Area toddler with leukemia be forced to undergo chemotherapy treatments? Or, should his parents be allowed to take a more organic approach?


  1. Give her the oil Chemo kills I seen it to many times I can tell you I know of 14 people family and friend alive healthy cancer free. The FDA and others have known about a real 100% for over 40 years. the cure was in the oil. From the sativa and Indica strain. Don't let nobody bull shit you. I thank god for YouTube that's how I found rick Simpson over 12 years now and not even one person has died from cancer and all 14 are still here and cancer free.

  2. It’s all about money !,,…there is hundreds of thousands of videos ..of cannabis oil which contains THC ,.killing cancer cells ,and curing other ailments ….these governments👹 make me sick pure evil… chemo equals poison ☠️—……..💪Power to the people on the right to Cure the natural way..👍🌈🌈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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