Checking Trichomes & Preparing To Harvest My 4 Indoor Cannabis Plants

I noticed a few amber trichomes while checking my Caramelino plant with my new microscope. The amber trichomes and the fading leaves are signs that it’s …


  1. The trichome footage originally looked so much nicer, but it was recorded on a phone with a vertical display, and once it was uploaded YouTube automatically adjusted those shots for a horizontal display by removing the black bars that would have been seen and changing the view. I am unable to undo this change. Please believe me that the microscope produces much clearer images than what was shown in this video that was altered by YouTube. There are photos on my Instagram page that show how well it works.

  2. Hey mate hope your ok, you know the original loop if you put that on your phone adjust the zoom fully then actually rest the loop on the bud touching it then use your phones zoom to focus because your resting on the bud your hand doesnt shake the new one is far superior just a little tip tho you could pass on ! 😉

  3. Looking great, glad to know you are well. I'm curious what the alaskan purple harvest weight will be. Could you do a video on the harvest weights of the different strIns you have growing? Keep up the great work and stay safe brother

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