1. Thank you so much for doing this video. My question is, I understand that you're taking 25mg a day. How long had you been taking that amount before testing positive. My reason for asking is I heard a person would have to take around 2500mg in one sitting to register a false positive without ever taking a CBD oil product. So 2500mg÷25= 100 times. Would you say you've taken 25mg at least 100 time. Because if you have, then that would make more sense of why you trigger a false positive. Thank you so much again for doing this video. I look forward to your answer.

  2. CBD shouldnt really be that much in the form of pills. It takes experience to dose CBD and it can be dosed relative to your habituation, and it's good to use it to find a balance and enhabit mental energies that you have forgotten and to exercise hard and to develop your health well so that you can have clear moments with and without it.

  3. you tell them that you are taking a botanical 1st test come's back posative they have to run a second test to confirm it and that one will come back negative for THC. The Brits haven't learned if they could make oranges and limes illegal they would unfortunatley for them Limeys they need it.

  4. It is such a shame that if one has a doctor who is willing to treat with pain medicine and if you can get good results from an adjunctive use of cbd oil, AND you can reduce your dose of opioids; that the doctor would stop treatment that helps. If they are willing to help with lower doses of opioids that they would restrict cbd oil or tabkets. People with chronic pain conditions are treated poorly.

  5. Thank you for the information and the nicely done video. I ended up watching out of curiosity regarding the drug test, which you answered for me. Thanks again and I hope CBD continues to work out well for you.

  6. Very exciting news!  I'm glad it's already helping you, and if you think about it, it's probably not likely to ever cause you any grief with work, etc., unless they changing the testing rules at your job.  Anyway, great news!  Very happy for you!

  7. So glad it's working for you. I just wish that Leanne could get Doni girl on it. I bet they would have no seizure problems if she could. It is a "miracle" plant. I so happy you are willing to stand up for it. You seem to be a good standing law abiding type of family. Not the type to use street drugs so to say. It takes people like you sometimes to make the rest open their eyes to the truth of the matter.

  8. I am so happy for you!  Good idea for taking 25mg. I am going to look into this.  Thank you for sharing.  They drug test at my Rheumatologist every visit..but I would just tell him what I am taking.  Thanks you for telling us all about this.  XOOX

  9. AnnaMarie, you look amazing!!  I'm thrilled you feel so good and have found relief for so many symptoms!  Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your decision. Now I'm wondering what the test results would have shown before you started taking CBD capsules as CBD is also in flax, echinacea, and many other plants which are foods and included in many health store supplements.  
    How soon did you feel the difference?
    I'm so happy for you and proud of your courage and honesty.  Sending a few spoons (in case you need them) and lots of love, admiration and hugs!  🙂

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