CBD Doesn't Even Work?

Dr Jones’ New Webinar on CBD for Dogs and Cats.. According to one researcher, there is no real scientific evidence …


  1. Hi I'm from Israel I just made an order from you for a cbd for my dog ​​hope it will cure him instead of overloading him with drugs that can help with one thing and do damage to another thing 🙏👍😇

  2. Just got my first order of CBD Oil for my dog with shoulder and elbow pain. My goodness!!! What an improvement. He slept at first, but he is acting pretty much pain free after one dose! Trusted Dr Jones' blend and glad I did.

  3. I need some help I live in GA USA and since I rescued my dog these have been problems extremely high anxiety.i have had success helping her know I will be back but I cannot get her to relax and not getting overly nervousness evening she is in-house. Please my vet will not talk with me about CBD oil. I have a Terrier Mix she is 23lbs.
    Does this help calm a dog down. She gave me Prozac for her anxiety I told her no improvement ,she started scratching like crazy.i always keep her liquid to help fleas , mosquito's and tics .I comb her check there is nothing she put her on atarax ,has helped some but I don't like all these pills. I do give her Cosequin DS only for her joints she strained her hind leg and I took advice from my son in-law he uses it's on his dogs .She is 2yrs old a strong dog for a 67 year old woman and today a mouse ran out and she pulled me over am brink wall and dragged me down a steep hill but I wouldn't let go. I got minor injuries. She a dog so natural instinct but she never just chills on walk except when she hurt her legs ..She is too young to keep hurting her legs because she gets so upset when she wants to go wild. I love her but does CBD help to calm her and the pain of spraining her legs.
    I love her but I don't want to give her a pill for everything. especially if I don't see any improvement. PLEASE help me
    My email is muzzi53@yahoo.com I know your busy but you are so well versed on the care of dogs. Please tell me what can be useful. Thank you so much

  4. CBD for pets works, I read that dogs have over a dozen CBD receptors in their body. All my dogs are on it for various ailments from arthritis to anxiety. My last rescue came to me with a list of meds including metacam for hip pain. Got rid of ALL the meds only CBD now and it works great!

  5. Hi Doc! I can't seem to find authentic CBD oil in my country instead, all I see i stores are Hemp Oils. Is this the same or close to CBD in terms of safety and efficacy? Thanks!

  6. Dr. Jones, Molly a couple years ago started showing symptoms. Of trachea collapse. She was a pound rescue her owner had surrendered her because she was dying of Parvovirus . She’s gotten to the point she can’t run without a flareup, the heat brings on a flareup. If she gets excited and barks a lot a flareup. Do you think CBD would be good for her. She wakes up every two hours at night to go to The bathroom she has me exhausted, is there anything you can recommend that you sell? To help with the symptoms of the trachea collapse symptom and to be sure adequate vitamins and minerals. Do you believe in the youth of Damascus earth ? I don’t use anything on her without consulting with you first. I heard this is good so that they don’t get heartworm or parasites. Thank you dog God 🖕🏻

  7. Come on people lets get Dr jones to a million subscriber's this guy is literally giving us thousands of dollars of information for absolutely nothing and unlike traditional veterinarians he cares about animals and not the bottom line 😍😍😍🐕🐩🐈

  8. Hi Doc I have been going back and fourth between should I get the powder which I am not sure the difference between advance and ultimate or should I just get the CBD he is 14 years and he has a great spirit but his back legs get so stiff ☹️ and he has allergies but you can’t not let my Faithful go on the grass 😢 please help which product should I use because pain killers just start to make him sick 🤕 and he is becoming sensitive to many meds so thank you for the new ear solution 🙌🏼

  9. Hello! My cat is 16 years old and has an infected tooth and my veterinarian don’t want to operate on her because of her age. The veterinarian gave me meloxicam for temporary use but now after the 10 days treatment my cat is still in pain and eats very little so I have been thinking about giving her cbd but can it work for her type of pain? She also has some kidney problems so is it safe to use cbd for the kidneys to?
    She is in general a very happy and active cat that loves to play so I really want to help with her pain so im thankful for all the answers I can get!

  10. Hallo Doc i have question and i do not do facebook. So here goes hopefully i reach you What should i use curcumin or cbd oil for my dog , he is gettig older. If he has pain like bone arthritis what do he take. I get ultimate canine advantage a found it has no curcumin in it. So i will try it and next order i need to know what to give him, he is 80 punds and wish to get him to 72 pounds since he is getting older. 🇮🇸Guðmundur

  11. my dog kitchi has a crusty nose and his nose bridge is bloody and pink with no hair its very crusty bloody and has lots of scabs could he be allergic to something? should we go to the vet or is there something i can do at home we have 8 pets/fur babies and we try stuff at home before we go to the vet to see if theres a holistic remedy im at my aunts house and we are going back to my house tomorrow i dont have any pictures right now but its very scabby please help me

  12. Hello. I have watched and enjoyed so many of your videos. I have 3 kitties, 2 of them are 21yrs old now. I'm asking you for some advice. My tabby is not keeping his weight on. I cook for them daily and I must be diligent in serving breakfast at the same time always. If I don't, he throws up and it continues for the day. Will you please cover this topic in detail, with solutions and probable causes, soon? Thank you.

  13. fake science is the science of the day these days….lots of "science" on vaccines bhahahaha….do your own research and take full responsibility for your own and your loved ones health. Good job Dr. Jones….you're way ahead of your profession and we appreciate you!

  14. you should put a link to the studies you were referring to, the one that says cannabidiol oil doesn't work and the others, so that who watches your video can compare the information from that articles and the information you provide in your video. it seems to me that these cannabinoid products cannot be anything else than pain relievers, at best

  15. Hi Dr. Jones, If you don't mind me asking – do you feel like papaya leaf extract can be beneficial to a dog? It is used very commonly in other parts of the world, but just hoping to get your insight!

    My dog is suffering from pancytopenia due estrogen induced-myelosuppression from a sertoli cell tumor that was in his testicle. He got neutered + scrotal ablation two weeks ago. Although neutering is the first step to recovery, his platelet/rbc/wbc counts are rising pretty slowly. Specialists have prepared us that it can take a few weeks so we just have to keep doing repeat CBC's, prophylactic broad spectrum antibiotics, and let it ride its course! I'm hoping to give him a natural-source immune boost with a bit of papaya leaf extract to help his anemia, platelet, and neutrophil counts.
    I would greatly appreciate your help — and am willing to pay for a telemedicine consult if you'd like!

    *Also, thank you for all your great videos!!

  16. My 13 yr old Blue Brindle Stratfordshire terrier was diagnosed with bone cancer and heartworms, (heartguard sucks). Vet said she had 4-6 weeks to live from the cancer. I began giving her a high quality cbd oil and not only did the tumor in her shoulder reduce in size, she was able to walk, run, roll in grass AND lived another happy 1 1/2 yrs. She even outlived our beloved Veternarian (Whom we all miss very much) by 8 mos. His passing was also from cancer but had only been diagnosed a few mos before his sudden passing. Also CBD oil is cheaper than galiprant. Thank you Dr Jones for your holistic vet info. Blessings~

  17. My Border Collie has seasonal environmental allergies where her muzzle swells up turns red along with her paws then loses hair off her legs and paws around her eyes and muzzle I tried everything nothing really worked until I tried cbds it started reversing everything after w week of taking it amazing stuff

  18. Doc, i have a question I hope you answer.
    Right now I FEED dog chow along with rice and cooked chicken or turkey?? Should I even be feeding the dog chow??? Confused, LINDA

  19. Doc please help, I think my dog is suffering from bloat, and I can't take her to the vet because of the lockdown. She's restless, rapid shallow breathing and sometimes doesn't want to eat. She's also retching. What should I do? Please reply. :((

  20. .just be careful and use your intuition because my 17 year old lab/collie cross reacted really badly with it and she suffered with colitis too… she only had 1-2 drops but caused the runs, licking her lips excessively and panting
    so didn’t continue… it depends how sensitive your animal is…I also reacted badly to it as I’m also sensitive and it was a really expensive pure and raw brand so no nasties…

  21. My 12 year ol brown Lab, had been licking her left paw in Early January and then started limping on her front leg.
    Took her to the Vet the next day, who did an xRay, and he thought he saw bone cancer. He said the leg would need to be removed up to the shoulder.
    I said I would want a biopsy before removing her leg.
    That day I Bought some CBD oil, 250 mg 30 day supply.
    After 3 days of CBD treatment, she started to walk normal .
    3 months later she is trotting on her walks. I was also giving her Condroitin/Gloucosimine 1500mg daily, but I had been giving her that for several years, but not consistently.
    I would attribute her quick recovery to the CBD oil, and the C/G to helping to keep her joints pain free.
    I have been using C/G for my joint pain that started 20 years ago. I have only been using the C/G when pain flares up, and the pain will subside in 1 or 2 days.

  22. I hear many good things about CBD oil…then I read some articles that say their bodies cannot absorb and process the CBD oil and can lead to death.Is that even worth entertaining? My one guy has arthritis and I want to help his stiffness and discomfort. My other guy has Colitis and not sure if that is good for him to take…..I see that you are in favor of CBD oil and most people have commented how they saw a difference. Still a little Leary….

  23. My horse is about to turn 33. He is way more active since I started giving him Cbd 2 yes ago. I also give to my dogs and cats. Especially my older ones, My white label has 3 legs due to him getting hit by a truck, and it has helped him when he is stiff and in pain. 😻It is expensive for me to give to my fur children but it keeps them happy and healthy and more importantly it helps their pain decrease. Well worth it in my opinion.😻❤️🌈❤️

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