Cannabis Scrog Grow Series Week 2 Flower

How’s it growing, #cartiercrops here. In this #scrog update we are going to cover how to defoliate your #screenofgreen and tuck once more before we let her …


  1. I also watched all three flowering scrog videos I too just flipped to flower with two hybrids and one OG hybrid that's also very stretchy. I just flipped to 12-12 and would really like your opinion in the matter about my most stretchy plant. Her name is gelato 3 bushmaster. You can find her on grow diaries michael_2r1 along with the other 5 plants. I'm not advertising it's not my first grow but. The best one yet to come after learning from prior mistakes using bag seeds to get started. Now on to three very good seed strains. I have metal pipes in place around the 5×7 grow area and would like to know what you would do in my case. Stretch a net across the piping or build a PVC set up lie your own. You will find that the plants on the left side of the room are sativa dominate and very stretchy. While the ones on the right are indica and short with very thick stems. Tell me what you think. I've seen alot of videos and no one else with such love, enthusiasm, and a cavalier look on life and really loving what you do. Again I'm not one for self promotion so sorry if i in anyway offended you by putting my personal link to my grow on your comment section. Trust one thing it won't happen again but likewise as a grower like yourself I will be sure to pass the word of growing experience that you have. To my friends and coworkers who also love to grow. Thanks for your time and I hope that in time your popularity soars as high and vibrant as you seek to keep us all one with God loving all that you do and putting our best foot forward in life and the rest will fall into place ☝️

  2. I'm enjoying watching this as we both grow our girls and our knowledge.
    Looking forward to more videos! After so many years, it's nice that we can be open about our experiences and techniques. I remember when SCROG first became a widely used technique back around 2006. The only thing we had to talk with other people about it back then were forums based in the Netherlands.

  3. Rookie here… Watched all the videos and have more of a understanding of a few things.. Can’t wait to start!
    Btw,glad to know you come from the Hoosier state, born and raised here myself.
    Ready for your next vid ✌️

  4. Astounding . Seen alot of people get confused and have a weaved tangled mess of things. I've done it myself. Hope you're doing well.
    Oh which of these you think would be the best choice for the scrog.

    Apple Butter Cookies
    Or Cartier Diesel

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