Cannabis Scales on Leaves

This is a first for us in that we cannot find the answer to what is growing on this leaf? We have researched the issue already briefly however we have to conclude …


  1. @Jason0930 Dearest sir or madam, this person who goes by fruitbruiter4life left a nasty comment to me because of my post. i was not trying to be negative at all, but because of my opposing view toward this I was told to basically shut the f up. I was merely doing what people do when they feel it necessary to state their view point. That is what makes America so great. We can disagree but still be free.

  2. wow sorry for stating my view on this subject. I thought this was America and I thought that as a citizen I had just as much right to speak on these subjects as the person who uploaded the video. But I guess not huh?

  3. if you are using 6.5 water and tripple 16 or higher you should never see sickness or fungis and don't over water the roots ….
    that is from badd water dude… must be using some kind of fish emotion or something like that ,trans plant it into another pot and chang your water source,…

  4. Looks like scales to me, there are pictures of them in many grow guides, like Jorge Cervantes grow bible, Have you seen any ants around the plants(not many, they are farmer ants) The scales have no moving parts that you could see under a 100x microscope. Rinsing the leave with mild alcohol will remove the scales that are sucking out the plants sweet juices. That's all they are, ant juice boxes.

  5. I think it looks like you see more all the time out side on tree leaves.I think maybe like a cancer from pollution.Air or water not sure but some trees here in Ontario are getting wild looking growths on the leaves.Just a thought.Peace

  6. yes i had that problem along time ago when i had my sulfur burner on when i was getting rid of powdery mildew,it showed up in 2-3 spots like that and then i took the leaf off and i dropped the humidity and gone themildew and sulfur puss mildew

  7. I have a picture of them in a booklet on invasive insects. They are bugs. In early stages they have legs and move. As they grow they lose the legs and attach to the plant stem on leaf and suck nutrients throughout growth. Damage results are similar to mealybugs. The remedy is dab spots with alcohol, or use safers soap or neem oil. Easier remedy is scraping them off with your finger nail.

    All that is from the book not my opinion. I couldnt find a link anywhere but thats what they look like.

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