Cannabis Review: REDECAN Reign Drops and comparing balanced oils

The REDECAN reign drops 15:15 has become one of my favourite cannabis oil products for its potency and price. In this video I also compare some of the most …


  1. CBD does absolutely nothing for me, but I have found Redecan's Reign THC oil very effective for sleep, taking 2-3 mls (60-90 mg THC) 3-4 hours before bed time. It works every time. I've found that taking the oil too soon before bed causes waking dreams. It is also the cheapest THC oil available on legal market which is why I keep Redecan as my LP. As for the flavour, I love it. Their flower product is also very good, and priced below the average for medical Cannabis. Because I have had a sleep disorder for many years I prefer the oils. It's helped me break free from benzos and other sleep-inducing pharma drugs.

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