1. I’m almost finished with 9 gm of rso in about 100 1.6 mg suppositories and I don’t know what I had because I am still waiting for test results for a prostrate test and a colonoscopy on Monday! All I know for sure is that my stomach isn’t in pain and my Gi track seems much better! Beats the surgeons knife!

  2. I personally know someone who was cured of brain cancer by taking RSO oil, eating healthy, and taking herbs. She was partially paralyzed on one side and now she s surfing again. So, it might not heal everyone, but it DOES heal some. Her story is on Instagram.

  3. I happen to watch your video after I have actually given up Radiation this week. My radiologist almost killed me. And so now I'm on the oil. Thank you for the info. I am currently working on the suppository

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