Cannabis News – Legalization in Florida? | Ep. 286 | 12-10-2018

Joe Klare discusses marijuana law reform in Florida, medical cannabis and the FDA and the latest on hemp farming in the US. 12-10-18 – Ep. 286 | The …


  1. The FDA is nothing but a bunch of thugs trying to protect the revenue stream they see that cannabis will take a lot of money away from them and they fight it tooth and nail with really stupid arguments that don't mean a damn thing because they know it's a medicine they have an agenda they talk like they have an agenda against this plant and they do the FDA and my mind has no right whatsoever to have domain over the cannabis plant it has never killed anyone it is a natural growing plant from this Earth so no one can put a patent on it so the FDA has no right whatsoever to have anything to do with cannabis cannabis is never killed anybody the FDA has killed thousands of people they have no validity and what they're talking about and they have a horrible reputation they have what medications kill thousands of people so I do not trust the FDA at all they can go f u c k themselves for all I care they have no right or Reason do you have any power or control over the cannabis plant it's a bureaucracy that would destroy the Cannabis industry

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