Cannabis Microbiome

Matthew Gates talks about recent scientific literature specific to Cannabis including mutualistic microbes as well as pathogens, the tissues in and around where …


  1. Hemp cultivars? Problem#1 is leading experts like Kevin Jodrey and subcool both say hemp cultivars are folklore

    Problem #2 cannabinoid testing is from the mid-90s so it's not even possible to prove these "hemp cultivars" even existed in the first place

    Problem#3 I've personally grown and seen grown, high-thc "industrial hemp" from "industrial hemp seeds" that tests well in to the 30% range. Industrial hemp cultivars are just selected for their fiber. The USA isn't a contender in the industrial hemp world BECAUSE they don't allow high thc hemp.

    We really need to dispell all these myths, the farm bill should have legalized it all because it's all truly the same

    Hemp is cannabis, cannabis is hemp. This is like saying black people are a different species than white.

  2. Great episode. I would like to add that Cannabis has been cultivated by humans for so long that the undomesticated version is unknown (this is a fairly common phenomenon with crops of agricultural significance).

  3. It was really great to be able to talk Cannabis microbiome today! I have many more #PestPrimer videos on my YouTube channel #Zenthanol and those dealing with Cannabis evolution, ecology, and microbes.

    Here are some references for those interested:

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