Cannabis Grow Series Ep.17 | How to Grow AK-47: Flower Stage Days 50 – 56 | Time To Flush?!

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  1. Bro I had a banging AK47 pheno I got out of a pack of beans as a freebie from Attitude years ago. I wish I could remember the breeder, I just know they were in Spain. But anyway I found the “Cherry Pheno” everybody used to scream about and it finished allll the way in 7 weeks! That was the fastest finisher I’ve ever had in 20+ years and it yielded like a mofo too. I’m gonna have to do a little more research and see if I can get it again now that you got me thinking about it! I know Serious Seeds used to be rockin heavy with the AK, but I’m not sure where the other company got their cut/seeds from. I’m on a mission now lol that was a great plant and I would still be running it if I had it! I’m combing through your vids to see if you mention where you got yours from now 🎄💯

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