Cannabis Garden Tour- Round 2, Week 5 | High Humidity | Controlling Humidity

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  1. Soil for annual plants, is retarded. Soil is ok for growing apple trees or vegetables in your garden.. But there are no vegetables commercially grown in soil, it's just not productive for quality or quantity. Correcting something in a soil can take weeks, that's just not reasonable when growing annual plants or vegetables, you need to be able to make that change instantly or even before the stress occurs.

    That's why you make a grow diary and correct the system etc. dialing it in, and making it more perfect with each run.

    With soils you add your mykorrhiza and bennies and your additives, and do all you can, but then you're pretty much just stuck with hope and pray that things will work out..

  2. Use a cal-mag supplement. AN has the best one on the market. No more excuses will be needed about excessive heat, light burn, nutrient burn, or lockout to explain the conditions of your leaves in all your videos.

  3. Hey school of rock you never posted that video you told me you will about litteraly every thing in one video of what you will need and I'm talking everything that makes this farm possible let me know ! Also put in the overall estimate of how much

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