CANNABIS FOR DOGS | Priscilla's Cancer

Greetings Priscilla fans! Here’s an update on Priscilla’s cancer since her lymphoma diagnosis a month ago. We’d like to thank everyone from the bottom of our …


  1. Never give up on treating your cancer for there is a cure and my Wife was once a cancer patient, am Jon Weise living in Belgium. Two years ago my wife suffered from lungs cancer and the doctor told us that nothing could be done, I was so frustrated and the thought of loosing my Wife was so unbearable that I lost all hope.

    One faithful day my daughter told me that she had found a cure for cancer and she found it on the internet. Although i didn’t believe her I watched it anyway just to please her and after watching it I discovered that it brought my hope back and i wanted to give it a try.

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    RSH oil is the best ever, I followed his instruction and now my wife is healthy and I am so excited, he can also cure, Hiv, Hepatitis B, Herpes virus, and so many just contact him for help he will answer you better.

    Thanks to RSH oil for helping my wife cure his cancer with her and for also making life worth living once again. We all love you…. God Bless,

  2. I looked up every single fruit and vegetable that kills or known to kill cancer and put it in my NutriBullet with a little bit of coconut water. then I separately cooked organic chicken. Half the fruits and vegetables were raw in the NutriBullet and half were cooked.

  3. Hey guys. I don't know at which point is your story now. But if it can be of any help: i remember to have watched an episode of Sharks Tank tv show, and there was a doctor who cured from cancer hundreds (if not thousands) of animals. I guess he was a sort of Dr.Sebi but a veterinary version. Pls Google that and you can get medicines. Peace
    (p.s. Natural medicines)

  4. We thoroughly enjoy your videos and look forward to them. This one just broke my heart. Sending love and hugs to you and Priscilla. She's a lucky girl to have such caring and SMART parents. Totally agree with your form of treatments.

  5. Hi my little beagle has thyroid cancer so I know exactly what you are going through. My aunt told me about Golden Paste, it is a mixture of tumeric and other herbs mixed into a paste I add to his dog food. I don't know if it will help or not but just trying anything for him right now. Maybe you have already researched this but something to think about, just hoping for me it will slow the progress. Wishing Pricilla and both of you the best she has two lovely guardians who love her so that is a step in her favor.

  6. Sending prayers and love. I would try Silver Sol. A book called "A fighting chance, how to win the war against bacteria,viruses & mold with silver" by Dr. Gordon Pederson. Lots of info. on how it works, internal and topical usages for many illnesses including cancer. It is my go to book for any condition from minor cuts to serious illness. I've heard from others that they use it on their dogs for various ailments. Might be worth a try.

  7. My little chihuahua was losing her hair and has hip problems. I finally got her off store bought dog food (which I was buying the most expensive kind, raw and all that) and started making her homemade food from a recipe I found on the PETA website. She's like a new dog, hip problems 80% better, shedding 100% better! It showed me that when you buy even the "good dog food" it's still got things in it that is damaging to their health.

  8. I am so sad to know that Priscilla is dealing with cancer. I am happy though, that she has both of you, who care so much and are doing whatever you can do for her at the moment. Each moment you have with her is truly precious💗 I lost one of my dogs to bone cancer and it was such a heartbreaking thing to go through. He was a Great Dane/Newfoundland boy and he was like a little horse that was the sweetest and most gentle giant. I hated feeling helpless because there was nothing I could do to stop the cancer. I made him as comfortable as I could and in the last days before I was going to make the hard decision of putting him to sleep, he spared me that pain and went away peacefully on a day when all of my family was home to say goodbye. May your Priscilla be able to make the most of her days with you. Sending you all healing and loving energy✨ from Michigan💗 Big hugs

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