Cannabis Activism Panel discuss legalizing cannabis in the UK! Hemp & CBD Expo

Hemp & CBD Expo Seminars: September 2019 Advocacy & Activism Panel Speakers: Phil Monk – We The Undersigned @WTU Have Human Sovereign Right to …


  1. There's so many kids right now smoking pot which stunts their mental health growth and you're telling me that that is great? Unless you are Dr., or work in mental health please do not speak about what drugs do to the brain. Just as I would never speak about rebuilding an engine, because I'm not a Certified mechanic.

  2. Wow. It amazes me how these people are so misinformed and people who are against marijuana are also misinformed. Both sides fight for their own belief system and the middle is the truth

  3. It needs to be legal its bullshit alcohol would be illegal if discovered today but money talks and legalisation would make money for the government so I don't understand why it's not legal I pay my taxes and I like to have a smoke after a days work what's wrong with that

  4. The government talk about cannabis being detrimental to mental health but I have been a daily user for twenty years and my mental health is perfect, if you don't believe me ask my pet unicorn or the people hiding in the bushes opposite my house lol

  5. Think it’s ironic how they mentioned how when thc is mentioned it causes anxiety when cbd with thc and has to have thc cures anxiety well it did mine best think I ever did use cannabis for my anxiety the crap the doctors prescribed me took away my personality

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