1. It would be helpful to separate medications from each or additional videos. Ketamine is being given legally in the states. Started as prescription drug then was abused, so it was reclassified as a controlled substance. It is given in the states by infusion for pain and depression. Pain patients also take it a home in compounded rx oral product when prescribed. In a clinic setting often patients require ondansetron as well as ketoralac to deal with adverse effects during infusions.

  2. Drug esketamine nasal is being covered by insurance in the states. This product is patented so had more money incentives to big pharma! In the states ketamine self pay is a huge money maker for ketamine clinics.

  3. Interesting! I've organized a lot of information about the topic. Thanks!
    I wonder about what kind of therapy methods they used during the MDMA therapy sessions.
    Suggestion: DMT research could be a good idea.

  4. Hi ava, do you think that the biological/neurological reasons that these drugs are useful for treating trauma are the same reasons that people find themselves addicted to or abusing these drugs as street drugs?

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