1. I believe she is talking about situational depression (Minor Depression) instead of ( clinical depression / Major Depression) , for the latter you must take medicine

  2. Well… not in my case. Got worse episodes ever that landed me in hospital twice when I was at top physical form, I was doing martial arts for years and the more I practiced and the better I was getting physically, the worse I got mentally. It created a disaster for me.

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  4. I get it. But when I’m in the thrawls of depression, and literally laying on the floor incapacitated with sadness, and logic won’t touch my mood, exercise is so hard…. but NASA said 15 minutes on a little trampoline is better than 45 min running

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  6. It helps me so much I've become addicted to it. When I take a day off, I feel noticably worse.

    I wish I'd started earlier, because my day becomes so much easier after a kickass workout.

  7. I hate the phrase “just exercise”. I’m not going to deny that it CAN give positive results, but that doesn’t mean it WILL. And it’s the same thing with a depressed person exercising; just because they can exercise (and possibly have great results), that doesn’t mean they will. Depression has certain symptoms in certain people, so some people can’t even get out of bed. Plus, many athletes have spoken out about having depression or other mental health problems. Again, I won’t deny that it can help; for me personally, if I’m not feeling too down, exercise has given temporary help. But it depends on the person and their depression (or other mental illness)!

  8. I am too sad to exercise I met a person who always sets me up to fail I'm a very frail lady and the lady kept wasting my time. She worked with the health service but no matter how many explanations I gave to her that I needed to meet her at the time because of difficulties walking and dressing dues to my osteopenia. I was so upset I felt sick I cant being myself to run it's not my fault I cant do things because of my bones. It's a crushing sadness but it goes away when I spend no time with these people

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  10. Hey beautiful people at sci-show! Could you label the sources you post in the dooblydoo? I often use them for assignments or want to know more about a certain article.
    Anyway, thanks for making these awesome videos! I'm pretty sure you're part of the reason I'm studying psychobiology right now 🙂

  11. Excercise definitely helps manage it. I know a lot of people find getting started extremely difficult because of the lack of motivation to implement a new (healthier) lifestyle. Initially, I was put on 300 mg of wellbutrin which allowed me the motivation to 'get started' because I couldn't stand all this negative thinking. I went out for walks daily, which then graduated to running/jogging with the goal of running my first 5k. Eventually I stopped my medication altogether and stuck with my daily excercise routine. After reaching my goal, I moved on to heavy resistance training. And now I've become more self-conscious about what I put into my body and try to live an active and healthy life. This has overall improved my mood. One thing I learned is that when you begin to empower your body to feel stronger and healthier, you will begin to feel more empowered in all areas of your life. Well that's my story… and if you read this far, I hope you find the power within yourself to make a change in your life, even if its something small. 🙂

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