Blue Gelato 41 day 69 of flower Harvest Time

It seems I can’t stop saying that they will be in darkness for 24 hours. WRONG. Obviously, I meant 48 hours of darkness before I do the wet trim. Then they will …


  1. How to Harvest Marijuana is a step by step tutorial on how to successfully complete the cannabis harvesting (dry trimming) process. We will show you how to hang dry, cure, trim, and store your marijuana for a long lasting shelf life.
    Baylee Sweet shows us how the pros do it in this step by step video How to Harvest Marijuana.

  2. Wet Vs Dry Trimming is a long time discussion and controversy that growers always wonder the first few cycles of growing. In this video I talk about the smoke and objectively describe and evaluate how I felt the differences were. This will give you an idea of what YOU may want to do while trimming.

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