#Biotech High Demand Stocks: Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO), iBio (IBIO), & Emerald Bioscience (EMBI)

In this video, I share my insights on three biotech stocks that can add significant value to your investment portfolio. I explain my reasons why Inovio …


  1. IBIO keeps going down instead of up. I’ve been in this stock sine $5 I keep averaging down and still above 2 and it just keeps going down. It is so frustrating

  2. Good Morning Danny , Adding Dr. Brenner to the team is just another Brilliant move for Our CEO Tom Isett. Every day we get closer to becoming a major player in the Pharm. World. Right Now the World Population is 7.8 Billion people. The United States In No.3 in Population. At some point as this Virus Continues To Grow. IBio will play a major role to achieving Heard Mutiny. I still Believe 50 dollars a share is achievable. Thank You Danny.

  3. Very interesting news for ibio. Reading some into the CSO, sounds like someone that will be good for the company. Hope for a good year ahead for ibio. Thanks for sharing.

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