1. IDK what state y'all in but to give u an idea here in so cal I've had weed in decent quantity dropped off while a cop was in speaking distance across the street . That's just how it is now .

  2. I remember being 8 years old and my aunt cooked one of them brownies and left it in the oven. My older cousins decided it would be nice to try so they fed it to me. We finished the whole pan. They found me knocked out and I slept for two days. Waking up to find my cousin crying over me. He thought I was going to die.

  3. I live in So. Cal…we have a dispensary 1.0 miles from my apt.
    Literally you walk in ( mask on) drop your drives licence in a slot 2 mins later you get it back the security door opens I walk in and it's paradise..good prices bomb flower( bud) . they weigh it bag it, you pay and your out..No Cops , only one big security guard that's it..you get in your car and enjoy. No medical card no prescription..that easy..plus there are tons of good jobs that don't test.
    Rent for us is $1,050 a month for a 2 bedroom..so? Plain and simple

  4. I still can't do pot. I do hemp CBD oil with 0.3% THC. I have chronic pain, Crohn's disease, Fibromyalgia, and Primary Scerlosing Cholangitis (which is giving me cirrhosis as I go & I've been told I'll be denied being put on the UNOS donation list when I go into liver failure because I attempted suicide when I was 17 {39 now} and caused liver damage). So I take the strongest version, but only a portion of it and a portion of the regular amount.

  5. Hahaha in Cali you don't even need a card anymore. It does feel wrong the first time you go in one. Shit they were even open during the pandemic as an essential store while normal businesses, gyms and churches were shut down!!

  6. I'm in texas and it will never be legal here unfortunately. I went to Jamaica and that was the weirdest feeling ever. To be able to sit in a smoking section and smoke and the only person to bother me was a dude tryna hit on me. Soooooooo its such a strange and foreign thing.

  7. I ate two full pot brownies once, I meant only to eat the one, but I got the munchies and ate the second one not thinking about it. I slept for 36 hours. Thank god it was summer and I was still in high school.

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