Best pH For HEALTHY Cannabis Plants

If you’re growing Cannabis indoors with bottled nutrients, one crucial element to pay attention to is pH. Here is the definitive guide to pH levels for Cannabis …


  1. This really helps considering I killed my first 2 plants. My second grow I have three huge plants full of buds now that I used your PH method. I will watch your of curing and looking for your next vids so I am a subscriber.

  2. I dont know why this video doesnt have more veiws…. So much good info lol I guess alot of new growers dont get to this video, and all the people who knw what they are doing are like, eh. Lol

  3. Okay what about adding when you're adding your notes to your hydro solution what about adding like you're at ph up your pH Down doesn't seem to be having a little bit of problem where it seems to be the water turns off foggy white canceling out my newts what am I doing wrong

  4. This a dope video got a full understanding but how can you lower and raise the ph of the soil? Mines stuck at 7.2! I water it with nutrients or regular water sometimes with ph at 5.0 and it just stays at 7-7.3 mind you I’m in like the last few weeks of flower now I’m panicking πŸ˜‚

  5. "5.5 to 5.8 perfect pH level".

    That's the first time I've seen that. Everywhere (literally) else says 6-7.

    Is this chart for a different plant or some specific medium or something? Maybe a typo?

  6. Great vid answered the questions i wanted. Thank you.
    For the white vinager its a good idea if for a emergency but not for long term. The vinager only last a hours maybe a day if you test the ph a few hours later you will see its not so affective.

  7. Ive heard you shouldn't adjust your ph while using advanced nutrients because its designed to fluctuate within a certain range. Is that bullcrap? after adding my nutes to my DWC buckets it sits at around 6.8 and I want to lower it. Should I adjust with ph down like you would any other nutrient line? thanks for the help

  8. Sorry folks but at the end of the video one of you says it backwards. When PH is low you must give it soil acidifier. Wrong. Alkaline = high PH. Acidic = Low PH. So if PH is low you must give it alkaline water to bring it to a neutral PH.

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