Beginner Autoflower Grow Tips for Bigger Yields

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  1. I just subscribed, plz give me instructions on how & what to do next plz, ooh my name is RED well its Nathan but, I go by red, so hey thank u for allowing me to be a part of your family

  2. I'm new to growing, ordered a few seeds and I'm going to do an outdoor grow. how would I go about that? what pot sizes? when do i transplant into the ground if I do? when and how much nutrients etc? harvest if I were to do it in November?

  3. I would like to know when you start your seeds in the spring if you're going to do the greenhouse and to tell us about an LED light that is at least half of the $1, 200 price tag. 😁

  4. Really have been enjoying your channel! Love all of the information you provide in you videos! Is there a reason why you grow both autos and photoperiod plants? What are some of your reasonings for growing autos?

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