Barrett Wilbert Weed WARNS Fans

Let’s learn about Barrett Wilbert Weed’s boundaries, how to respect Broadway actors, and the truth about stage-dooring a musical OPEN ME Hey theatre …


  1. A personal experience of mine, I met John Cleese, in a pharmacy in Sydney. But was too shy to ask for an autograph, so I just left. Tbh I was worried I'd get taken the piss out of, but now I regret not asking. And if he said no, I'd respect him and leave.

  2. welp both my fav female Broadway actors hate stagedooring……..but hate meeting me in general kinda messes w me but I can respect it. I feel she should have spoke out before but I see why she didn't, she shouldn't have to. I feel bad but like I aid maybe if you don't want to meet me even if I'm in the middle of the supermarket and see you and say hi and take a pic maybe uh State that so I know for the future which I know now thanks for making the video!

  3. Honestly I’m kinda surprised at this. I mean I totally think that people can be so rude and annoying to celebrities, but I mean to be a performer just seems like you enjoy some attention so it’s kinda surprising to see her brush of all fan interaction like that. Again I don’t think that she is wrong to do this or a bad person I am just surprised at how much she does not like fans.

  4. I totally get this. Ive never gone to the stage door to meet the actors, for me the show is enough i dont wanna break that boundary by meeting them its just not essential to me but i know a lot of people want to and i dont think thats wrong. But when someone lile Barrett wants to be left alone she should be entitled to that. Its not like shes saying im better than u dont touch me, she just wants to be left alone and thats totally ok. The fact that people think they can just go up to her and harrass her to the point where she is in tears from rage i just feel that is going way too far. If you are a fan of someone and u wanna say hi, just walk past them and say hey i enjoyed the show. Dont ambush and hold them hostage, its just wrong.

  5. I am sadly unable to go to Broadway or any musicals I like without them being butcher teanslated songs and all, and if I were able to go to a musical and saw an actor stage dooring I would maybe walk over Ask if I can talk to them and if they don't I would respect that.

    But that's also the feelings of someone that might never actually get to go to Broadway, as sad as that is to me as someone that does want to do theater, but yeah that's my opinion

  6. This is late, but as it is still a relevant topic, I will say this: (which will be long, so fair warning)

    Actors don't owe you anything. Their job is to preform, and that is it. After the curtain goes down, their job for that day is done, and they should be allowed to go home in peace, without having to interact with anyone – even if it's in passing on the street. And as for times when you see a famous person out and about (eating lunch, taking a walk, etc.), again, they don't owe you anything. If they don't want to say hi to fans, that is their own choice, and it needs to be respected, no matter how disappointing it is for their fans. The way I see it, if you're a real fan, you respect actors' (and other celebrities) boundaries without question, and you don't complain loudly about it. They are human beings, with lives outside of theatre. Spending a lot of time in the public eye – for interviews, and events, and all that stuff – has got to be exhausting, and they deserve peace and quiet if that is what they ask for.

    Yeah, maybe Barrett sounded rude to you. But she was pissed off and rightfully so. If she doesn't want to interact with fans, okay. It's her own choice and people need to respect that. And who knows what her mental health is like, or if she has social anxiety, or any of that stuff. If someone asks their fans to leave them alone, the best way to show that you're a fan is to do just that, and leave them alone. I think she's a great actress, and a really cool person, and I would love to say hi someday. But if she doesn't want people to do that, then I will happily respect her boundaries, because I get that she needs space.

    On stage dooring: If you want to do it, do it. Actors who stage door want to meet you, and to say hi. That's their choice, and no one is forcing them to do so. So go out there and meet your idols! It's probably a really cool experience, and if they stage door, they want to do so! So you don't need to feel bad about that. <333

    It's sad that it's 2020, and people are STILL refusing to respect boundaries. These people owe you nothing. They put so much into their work, and after the day is over, we need to remember that, no matter how much we love them or want to say hi to them, they have lives, and they have boundaries. they are people, just like the rest of us, and acting like you're entitled to something from them is a horrible and disrespectful thing to do. It's really not that hard. Respect boundaries.

  7. I totally understand that that’s Barrett’s preference and she’s totally allowed to feel that way. However, I also think she needs to understand that fame comes with responsibilities. Not saying that being famous means you are obligated to meet all of your fans, but as a celebrity, people are GOING to want to meet you, regardless of whether you agree with it or not. When you put yourself in the spotlight like that you are opening yourself to all kinds of attention, whether it’s good or bad and like it or not, people will idolize you and want to meet you. And I think she needs to handle situations better. She doesn’t have to meet all of her fans but if someone comes up to her she shouldn’t be “rude” to them even if it is the fans fault, she should be gracious and polite because especially for celebrities nowadays, any kind of behavior like that will stir up controversy. It’s in her best interest to protect her image 🙏

  8. I saw warn im like is this gonna break my heart? 🥺 But then I watched it and I was like ok don’t be b- to the actors and respect them.They are people too.

  9. i think while the way she phrased everything was kinda rude, her point did come across and people definitely should respect her boundaries. i remember i got SO mad hearing about a stagedoor incident with ben platt a couple years ago, when a lady who had gone to see the show attacked him for not stagedooring. i think the point with those two incidents still stand: people need to respect actors, they don't HAVE to stagedoor, and (this is a big one, especially as someone who's never been to nyc before) just be happy you got the privilege of seeing the show in the first place!

  10. I agree with this video very much and I completely understand Barrett and her reasons. I also like her a lot because of her performance in Mean Girls and Heathers and I guess I can say I am a fan of her, but like knowing her side more actually hurts me cause I can slightly relate. It's not I'm some famous person, is just that some people just 'touch' you, and when you say stop, they don't stop. Like I feel her so much. If ever I do meet Barrett, I'd probably stay where I am and give her probably a friendly wave then leave her be. Basically, I completely understand her and her reasons, if these people are truly her fans, they should respect her and her boundaries.

  11. Honestly the fact that she is setting her boundaries and making it known that she is a human being too is something to me to believe that she has nothing to feel guilty over because she is addressing that she wants to have privacy and space that I will understand needs to be respected. To me she is a very respectable actress and especially an honest person because if she is addressing her need of space then that’s something she should be given. A lot of celebrities will have boundaries that should never be crossed because they are people who want to feel like they have the right to get some privacy to themselves and have the space they need to do whatever they have to work with. Actors and actresses are artists too because they’re human beings who are involved with something that makes them and other people happy. So they have the right as human beings to have privacy and space that they need and are perfectly allowed to make the choice as to whether or not they want to meet fans.

  12. Bro I will love to stay like 8 feet away I just would like to wave and smile and run away and listen to all he songs on loop you know

    But ya make sense she is just a human and I'm just a human were both humans she's not a stress ball to squeeze till they pop like XD

  13. too late to comment?
    I just want to remind the people who criticize Barrett that she, on Mean Girls, sings:

    'So raise your right finger

    And solemnly swear,

    "Whatever they say about me

    I don't care!"
    I don't need their good opinions

    I have plenty of opinions

    Everybody has opinions but it doesn't make 'em true

    What's true is being me

    And I'd rather be me

    I'd rather be me than be with you

    So raise them high

    'Cause playing nice and shy

    Is insulting my IQ

    I'd rather be me than be with you'

    (What did you expect?)

  14. Stage Dooring is great as long as it was planned. Meeting the performer's you came to see is exciting. Trying to catch them on not planned moments bad. Very bad. The fans have no right to basically stalk people.

  15. People need to respect actors they are not items it’s their life they can do what they feel most comfortable with not what they don’t feel comfortable with

  16. If I was a fan of hers I'm sure I'd be very put off by her posts. She was definitely in an emotionally intense place when she wrote those things. To be honest, what she wrote sounded to me like someone who has been violated and most likely abused in the past. I say that as someone with similar trauma. So.. I get it. Very much so. She doesn't have to be nice; she's allowed to say exactly what she's really feeling. And we all have to respect her (or anyone's) boundaries, even if we don't understand them at all. But I'm sure she rubbed a lot of people the wrong way by deciding to be reactive instead of responding while in a calmer state.

  17. Barrett’s intention was well-meaning but the way she wrote it was extremely offputting. Actors don’t have any responsibility to you after the show. They perform and they go home and that’s all they have to do. That being said, I know that there is great security at the theaters you can request assistance if needed and it is never OK to follow someone from one of the various unmarked exits at the theater. If she doesn’t want to “stage door”, then correctly, not exiting the stage door is a good idea. That being said… When you reach levels like Broadway, you are expected to do press and go to events and there are things that you are contractually obligated to do that might not be the most pleasant or comfortable for you with respect still to the fact that you are a commodity that the producers are using to sell the show. So if that’s not something that you can handle then you might want to look at a different style of acting or a different area. No one has the rightTo a cost you or harass you ever. But some of how Barrett spoke to people who have professed to be her fans was a little harsh. Getting a bad reputation in the theater community can also hurt your chances of getting cast later down the line. It’s just always something to think about.

  18. I had the pleasure of meeting Barrett backstage at Mean Girls. She was really nice! She seemed glad to meet some fans, and I was lucky to have met her. Nobody asked for hugs or tried to invade her personal space. We got our Playbills signed and it was all in all a good experience.

  19. I honestly agree with you. What shocks me most is just that the father was there watching and seeing she feels awful about it. I just don't understand that.

  20. Poor Barrett. I read the posts. She really shouldn't have to worry about being touched EVERY time she goes outside. No one should have to worry about that. So let's all do the best we can to respect each others boundaries.

  21. I'm a Barret fan but honestly if I had ever got on Broadway I'd be like "I love you all but I'm so freaking awkward…. I’m sorry” so I completely understand that and I'd never want to go to the stage door ever as an audience member because I'd get very claustrophobic and awkward

  22. I think stage door in broadway alot more violent and busy than west end cuz everyone time I've been to west end everyone ask to hug and stuff and with broadway it looks really crowded and stuff

  23. I’m sure Barrett is lovely however, if you are being paid hundreds/thousands of pounds per show you really should go say hi 👋 to the fans who have spent potentially a weeks earnings just to go watch a show you are in. It is also a unwritten rule of theatre that the performers say hello to the fans. It is just rude.

  24. Yupp, when you buy a ticket for a show, it's exactly that – a ticket for a show. You're not entitled to a meet and greet as well. And people ambushing actors or going to the alternate exit to find them anyway is totally not on. It is interesting that we almost expect famous people to love meeting fans, and too many people think they're "rude" if they don't want to. Their job is their art. Not spending hours chatting with fans every night. You can appreciate fans' support without having to do that.

  25. I was in school when Barrett posted this and I was working on a project with my friend and I was so horrified that my jaw dropped and my friend was like “you good?” But anyways that is not okay for people to do that.

  26. I’m an introvert and a singer. After performing I’m completely drained, if anything, I’m also more physically sensitive and have less energy to even be touchy with my colleagues and friends. It’s nothing personal. I love being loved and being a performer. I just also love to not be touched by strangers. 😊

  27. I really want to be on Broadway, it's my dream, but seeing this makes me scared because I don't want people to just run up to me. I don't really like being touched. Like, sometimes, I don't want people to touch me, even if it's on my shoulder or even my hand. It makes me uncomfortable. Sometimes I don't even like my own mom touching me because it makes me uncomfortable. And I really don't want a stranger to just run up to me and hug me. I'm glad she said something because someone who isn't like her, famous and stuff kinda knows how she feels in that kind of situation

  28. If you are a fan of her it will obviously hurt to hear it and to me it does sound rude, but just like you said it's her boundaries and rude or not you just gotta respect them. Over all she is just a human being and it sound rude to me because I'm not used to see a reaction like hers, but thinking about it she could have so many valid reasons for it. Or maybe she has no valid reasons and she is just rude but whatever is the case it still doesn't give anyone permission to disrespect her decision

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