Aurora CEO on the demand for marijuana in the U.S.

Aurora Cannabis CEO Miguel Martin says they are close to a ‘tipping point’ in making cannabis more accessible to Americans after the Democrats took over the …


  1. Positioned – Share holder confidence at its lowest 12:1 reverse split; continued EBITDA miss for the past four quarters, and share dilution. ACB has been trying to secure a partnership for the past two years but ran off potential partners with its balance sheet hence 1.3 billion goodwill write off. Can’t compete with US Cookies Brand or Trulieve… Reliva is predominately a brick and mortar gas station brand. Why is ACB red while every cannabis stock is trading green. Look at insider transaction top execs are selling their shares and leaving the company. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  2. capitol riot means a covid19 petri dish of nutheads; we need another lockdown.

    we have streaming and don't need to travel or go to a commercial theater and avoid
    covid19, mass shooting (gun sales doubled in 2020) and exploding RVs like in Nashville

  3. China now is preparing for war. 1. China feels scared Trump will be re elected, then turn to China. 2. Biden won't feel scared of the blackmail of CCP and turn to China 3. Xi Jinping never trust any of his people, let alone US democrats. Biden and the democrats must learn a lot about CCP and Xi Jinping. No eternal friends but most are eternal enemies, Biden knows less about Chinese empires.
    CCP studied all top leaders' weakness in many countries for a long time. With the infiltration and espionage as well as the pandemic , just like US model, it's quite easy to overwhelm a country. After US, more and more countries will follow. Pls never underestimate CCP's ambition and aggression.
    More on my channel.

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