are menthol cigarettes SAFER than normal cigarettes?

are menthol cigarettes safer than normal tobacco cigarettes? honestly, this is a little bit of a basic, yet kinda interesting, topic. i hope you enjoy, and i hope you …


  1. I’ve heard rumors that menthols are more addictive. Also there are lots of commercials I’ve been seeing and hearing about that. Also I’ve been seeing adverts that menthol cigarettes are directed more towards people of color. What are your thoughts on this? Have you heard or seen these ADs?

  2. Typed "retarded videos" into the YouTube search bar and found this. A cigarette is still a cancer stick, doesn't matter if its a menthol or not. So people actually debate about this? Hm, good video but dumbest topic ever!!!

  3. well selling menthol cigarettes are illegal in Turkey since 1st January 2020 and government says that "menthol cigarettes are more harmful for lungs" they claim that. I think it's bullshit and I wish I could buy menthol cigarettes but yea, governments sucks man

  4. Also a good funny video idea make a video called cigarette stereotypes there is stereotypes for almost anything even with dip and sometimes I can see myself falling into some stereotypes in the dipping environment

  5. I don’t know if the term more safe or not safe would really apply but more like it’s more appealing to youths. How I can relate it with dip is like wintergreen and mint dips are more appealing to the younger crowd bc of the same reasons you had with menthol cigs the flavor and feel only difference with menthol cigs vs wintergreen and mint dips is the wintergreen and mint dips are more abrasive to the gums bc of the mint or wintergreen working into your gums that’s one reason why I stopped dipping wintergreen and currently I dip Grizzly Natural extra longcut nice video bud

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