1. They may not be addictive but you become dependent on them.
    Trying to get get off these meds is a nightmare. Why are they so hard to get off? Big Pharma wants you to be a customer for life. There is so much data out there discrediting antidepressants. So much has been hidden. Now the truth is coming out. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these neurotoxins!

  2. I just found your channel, new subscriber here, you are amazing at explaining complex medical situations. Your patients are lucky to have you. You mentioned SSRI are use to treat anxiety and depression which meds are the least likely to cause weight gain? Thanks in advance

  3. Like all those pills, its hard to succesfully withdraw them. They are unpredictable, not safe. Theres no test to measure whats wrong in your brain, or the problem may not be in your brain.

  4. All antidepressants are neurotoxins. Antidepressants do not cure anything. They all have hundreds of side effects and the side effects can pop up at anytime. Some of the side effects can be permanent and last long after the antidepressant is stopped like Tardive Dyskinesia, tinnitus, and sexual side effects. Antidepressants actually increase the risk of suicide in people of all ages (not just young adults), they are linked to worst long term outcomes compared to those who do not take antidepressants for their anxiety and depression. The chemical imbalance theory is not true but rather a marketing ploy by big pharma. Antidepressants also all need to be slowly tapered and can cause debilitating withdrawal symptoms that can lasts for years in some cases if someone doesn't taper safely. The issue would be to try to find the root cause of your symptoms. If not caused by trauma then anxiety and depression are thought to be symptoms of something physically going on in the body. It could be nutritional deficiencies or allergies, hormonal imbalances such as Thyroid disease or vitamin D or other vitamin deficiencies, heavy metal or chemical toxins, Lyme disease, genetic defects such as the MTHFR gene variations, histamine intolerance, previous medication toxicity, bad gut health, brain trauma, systemic inflammation and oxidative stress, unbalanced blood sugar levels and more.

    If you can find a functional or integrative doctor then they can do the testing to find the root cause of your symptoms. Antidepressants only mask symptoms and damage a person's health while they do not realize it. Any part of the brain and body can be affected so many doctors do not tie health problems with the antidepressant.

  5. I think you are brilliant and gifted when it comes to your gift of articulation. I often wonder how a psychiatrist feels mentally after treating so many people who need help themselves mentally. It’s such a serious and heavy commitment, and maybe because I suffer from mental health myself I can’t imagine listening to person after person struggling in their daily lives and how it can’t affect you as a Dr. I commend people like you and am in awe of how you cope whilst helping others cope.

  6. Whenever I take antidepressants I expirence damn near all the side effects and most importantly I make a suicidee plan and also my eating becomes disordered, also I push everyone away because I'm not myself I'm this terrible version of myself this anti-life person with a dark sense of humor that is just concerning

  7. The books The Antidepressant Solution by Joseph Glenmullen M.D. and Prozac Backlash by the same author are both very interesting reads. I highly recommend them both.

    Also the book Your drug may be your problem by Peter R. Breggin M.D. is highly recommended.

  8. I take meds last 2018-2019, and stopped because it was actually effective. I stopped because my anxiety is controllable, i have little to non panic attacks anymore, it doesnt cure anxiety but it helps me so much. Thanks to meds and to my pscyhiatrist who assisted me til the end.

    Though, when the pandemic started, imy anxiety went off the roof again and i have panic attacks again specially last March. I went back to my pschiatrist last May(it was hard to have an appointment, so it took loonger time) and prescribed me some medication just like before. I bought all meds but i didnt take any of it. I was hesitant. From April-Mid of November i was fine without taking any meds but at the end of November and to now, my anxiety got worst, like really bad. It sucks because it has physical symptoms.

    Im thinking of taking medications that my pscychiatrist prescribed me last May that i didnt take. I really want to take it since i have it and just follow his prescription. But i worry because i didnt spoke to my psychiatrist about taking it. Should i take my meds that prescribed me last May or should i yalk to my psychiatrist first.
    (my problem about talking to my psychiatrist again is having an appointment because it takes like a month to have a sched for him because we only talk virtually because of pandemic)

  9. Personally I've learned the hard way that despite following a doctor's instructions, the withdrawal experience is absolutely TORTURE.

    I see reenactments of folks [for example, one of the final scenes in the movie "Ray" when he is in the hospital detoxing from drugs] and I CAN relate to the agony [I feel the need to mention AGAIN: I've weaned off of zoloft twice in the last two decades with my battle with severe chemical depression]

    Because I honestly DID follow doctor's orders BOTH times that I stopped [and ONE of these times was NOT by choice of wanting to stop my treatment, but basically the effects of a severely broken mental health care system in the States of North America [I REFUSE to refer to my country as The" United States" because it is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that we are NOT "UNITED"] have made my continuous efforts TO seek stable REGULAR mental health assistance IMPOSSIBLE.

    I THANK you SO for your videos and I will definitely pass them along 🥰

  10. My depression last for nearly 4 years. I had to go on antidepressants. We elected a narcissist & for 4 years, I didn't sleep or eat right knowing what he's capable of doing. I had depression before this so I'm not blaming it entirely on him but electing him didn't help either.
    I'm thankful that in Jan 20th 2021, "he" is out!

  11. I suffer from panic attacks, OCD, and mild agoraphobia. The panic attacks and OCD started in middle school after I was diagnosed with cancer. To treat the panic and OCD I started to see a psychologist and that helped. I have been cancer free for 12 years. My junior year of college, the panic attacks got worse and I developed agoraphobia. I had trouble doing simple things like walking to class or going to the grocery store. I started seeing a psychiatrist at that point because I could no longer manage the anxiety with just talk therapy. I started taking an SSRI and Klonopin. I have been taking .25 mg of Klonopin every day for three years in addition to my SSRI. The agoraphobia is manageable now (the only thing I have trouble doing is flying or driving long distance). I have panic attacks about once a month, but they are less severe. I don’t want to take the Klonopin because I worry about developing an addiction. I take a low dose (.25 mg daily), but I’ve been taking it for a really long time (3 years). I’ve tried to taper off the Klonopin, but my OCD comes back really bad and general anxiety increases. My question is should I try to get off the Klonopin or stay on it long term if I’m not needing to increase the dose and things are manageable?? I still see my psychiatrist twice a month for talk therapy and to discuss my medeicine status. He tells me not to worry about the Klonopin, but I’m not sure I trust his opinion on that. To a man with a hammer everything is a nail, right?? Thoughts??

  12. I just wanted to Thank you tremendously for your insight and explanation of mental health and how to address various issues. I haven't been able to find a therapist but until and even after I do, I will view all your videos to get a clearer understanding.

  13. I developed a benzodiazepine tolerance, it really sucks, small doses like those used for an endoscopy doesn't work with me. I think I developed this tolerance when I was prescribed clonazepam daily, when I was used to take it as an SOS. Fortunately I'm not addicted, but only sublingual clonazepam works for me now for panic attacks.
    I feel like I'm "addicted" to Venlafaxine, because I feel like crap when I forget a dose. But your explanation makes me feel more confident.
    Thank you Dr. Tracey, I follow you for quite some time, but yt banned my account because I was falsely reported. So I had to make a new "fake" account, I will never use my real name again in these social networks. The injustice of being accused of something I didn't do and get punished because of that made my PTSD worse.

  14. Dr Tracy I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder 11 years ago and it took 4 years to get the right combination of meds to be able to really manage my depressive episodes. But lately I feel that I am unable to manage – I do not know how to explain it but there are moments where I experience intense anxiety which I never had before. Some days I wake up feeling excessively happy and everything seems to be more fantastical, then a week goes by and the next thing I know I am at a point where I can not find any meaning in life or anything to live for, there's no balance anymore and no warning signs. Usually I would feel it coming, I would know what the triggers were. This emotional rollercoaster is really exhausting, I have also noticed that I'm loosing some off my memories and some of my vocab.Years ago I had a traumatic event and became psychotic and now there are moments where I feel the same paranoia and that I'm loosing my grip on reality.I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a month ago, could that have an impact on my emotional state of mind?

  15. Please watch some withdrawal videos. There are people who have been house ridden and bed ridden for a very long time on youtube. These drugs are dangerous and have caused many people to commit suicide and have affected them for years or permanently. All psych meds are very dangerous. Dont take them if not going to kill yourself or a little sad. Big pharma and the prescribing doctors are responsible for the deaths and damage of many. Dont mess with your brain chemistry. They dont record the damaged as statistics. Listen to the damaged and the survivors. Please dont just take your doctors word for it. Trust us and the survivors. These mess with the cns your brain and its normal functioning, and can cause horrible lasting damage. I am going 2 years plus bed ridden. The horrors of psychistry. Be vigilant! This is your brain and your life! My life will never come back!

  16. thank you for these videos!!
    i started taking fluoxetine 20mg every two days,, and this is my first time! my doctor told me that i should take it when i start my day with food. but my problem is that my sleep schedule is very inconsistent :/ it changes very very fast. what should i do? can i take it then go back to sleep or take it before sleeping? should it really be when i start my day? does it really matter? or can i change the time i take it by couple of hours earlier of later? sadly my doctor didn't answer my question well so I'm confused 🙁

  17. I fear addiction to ADHD meds but yes all of it can be ok with talking to doctors. Not sure about pain meds being an issue being different than mental health meds. Addiction can be all sorts of things unhealthy but then meds are another thing. I am feeling so irrationally about meds but hate even taking vitamins …though I get it. I need my meds to help me stay safe in how I can drive and such with ADHD, but still rather a coping mechanism without meds.

    My doctor says I should up my meds but I am scared to do so with being on a roller coaster of how my brain is. He wants to add anxiety meds but I fear more meds in mixing , but the doctor should know what not to mix. This is where I have irrational views that can add stress like a nocebo on top of meds… feeling stupid about dumb beliefs.

  18. I took one Zoloft and regretted it instantly. I felt horrible just after one tablet. And the side effects and potential withdrawal effects scared me. I now opt on taking supplements, changing my diet and drinking herbal teas. I’ve had gut issues for years alongside some deficiencies and never thought to link them together until recently. I wish the people who prescribe anti-depressants test neurotransmitter levels and deficiencies first before giving people strong medications. At least that way the patients can get the correct type of medication that they need rather than going through trial and error.

  19. I love your channel and mean no harm but this is just flat BS and it’s sad a lot of doctors think antidepressants aren’t addictive. Ask anyone who tries to discontinue, they have physical withdrawal symptoms that are so obviously not depression like brain zaps and restless legs and vomiting.

  20. hi i wanna ask you does lamictal treat atypical depression because i have dysthymia with atypical features and my psychatrist prescribed me lamictal he said that it treats atypical depression is that correct ?

  21. It sounds like you know what to say. Have you tried it and tried to stop it…..probably not. Lots of nice words and no experience with it….try it and try stopping it…antidepressant have been known to deplete your natural serotonin and the body has a hard time to create it again after drugs….

  22. I have a question about anxiety i have health anxiety since i was 6 or 7 im 25 now and now treating mine anxiety with zoloft and i get twitching and stuff is that my anxiety because i did go to dr google and it said straight away ALS and and now its scared the crap out of me please help

  23. I'm just glad mine help me sleep. I just need to sleep. I have the worst insomnia and it's horrible because I can't get out of bed most days. My pills help me, but I was wondering about all of this. It's good to learn the distinctions, I appreciate these videos.

  24. Interesting, I do sypathise with those who have depression or anxiety; I believe there are spiritual alternatives to medication which have borne much fruit; my problem with medication is it's the easy way out instead of dealing with the underlying problem. Send me anyone who has depression and I will show you that their underlying condition can be cured, if they follow a simple program. spirit-retreat-thailand(.com)

  25. great video! While I knew intellectually that they aren't addictive, it's tough to always remember that when you know that if you go off of them, serious things happen – but I'm one of those who are likely to need antidepressants for life.

  26. As you should know well, this video is bursting with false messages regarding anti-depressants. Many people have severe problems stoping ADs and some can‘t, even after trying slowly many times. They alter your brain, and it is not sure that you can transform back to normal and this is seen as the main reason why it is difficult to stop them. They can damage your cognitive functions long-term. They can cause long-lasting sexual dysfunction (and many other problems!). Of course, they can cause a kind of psychological dependence when you fear to stop them after experiencing withdrawal problems. And of course, it is true that ADs don‘t work better than a placebo for most patients and that taking them long-term is associated with a higher risk of developing chronic depression and a higher risk to commit suicide. It has never been shown that they "treat depression" in any meaningful way because we still have no clue what changes in the brain are associated with depression. But we do know that ADs force brain cells to change! So in reality we should simply see them as dangerous, mind-altering drugs which could have helpful effects on feelings for some people. As a therapist working with severely ill patients for many years now, well versed with the literature, I would NEVER EVER take even ONE of those pills, risking dependence, suicidality, or to wreck my brain and personality! I hope that you receive decent payments from the pharmaceutical industry for spreading their lies here!!! This way this video (and most likely others from you!) would at least make some sense…

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