1. my dosing strategy involves getting multiple strains one thc, one cbd focused. first take thc focused, then when you start feeling too much take cbd focused to act as a brake, then next time adjust up or down. cbd and thc are antagonists and synergists so can balance each other out.

  2. thank you dr. very much

    I've been doing many hours of research over the past weeks when I just discovered last month that my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer she started chemotherapy a week ago

    and I'm telling her that she has to have at least a 25% or 30% CBD compound

    as oral administration would be best and a hemp oil for her. Please email me back you can reach me at


    we're starting her on CBD this week and all the advice I can get would be very valuable and much appreciated.

    Thanks again doc.

  3. I really like your video's Dustin, thank you for posting and providing education around medical cannabis use. I think this is needed and vey beneficial for those dealing with a wide range of ailments to which traditional medication has not worked. Thank you again.

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