America's Deadliest Drug: Fentanyl | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

On the latest episode of Patriot Act, Hasan discusses America’s opioid epidemic and the recent spike in deaths due to one drug in particular: fentanyl. One of the …


  1. Opioid epidemic, unfortunately, will never be gone.

    In the illegal market, people are fully aware, of the fact that lacing heroine, with fentanyl, is very deadly. It was widely practiced back in the 80's and killed massive #'s of people.
    Now it's made full comeback. Smh..

    Rx companies have been & always will be legal soulless cartels.
    As I've always said, rx companies are & will never be about saving people. It'll always be about "managing", just enough, to keep 'em going.
    I've come to a conclusion that America doesn't believe in saving lives. Just "treatment", to keep the $ flowing in, unlike many other countries; which they seek "cure" vs treatment. Many things in our foods are banned, in other countries. There are many things banned, in the US, which really beneficial to people — really unfortunate.

    ~ Stay Safe Everyone ~

  2. Whaat… Companies that only exist to profit it's owners does something immoral to accomplish it's goals? I have never heard of such atrocity!
    no wait yes I have. It's called most of the fucking corporations. Cigarette industry, oil industry, fast food industry and now this. That is why government and regulations are important: They should be the authority standing between the people and the companies. Because I don't think anyone voted for "drug companies killing people" party.

  3. Desovia. Guess what. If u see it on the bottle ( read your prescription bottles) don't take it and ask your DR. For something less strong and addictive. Tell your DR. You don't want to ok die. Just get better.

  4. Had surgery a few weeks ago and when I woke up I was in intense pain so I was given a microscopic amount of fentanyl. Not sure if my intense body pain the next few days was from the general anesthesia, my pain disorder, or possibly withdrawal from the fentanyl. I felt like I had been hit by a bus my husband had to help me adjust blankets, sit up, go to the restroom, lift my water so I could reach the straw, etc. I had my nose fixed so I could breathe but it was really my body that hurt after the pain meds I was on made my nose pain just discomfort and pressure never pain until they wore off and it was time for my next dose.

  5. man I'm so upset. I loved Hasan's show on Netflix. I can't believe they took it down. I wish he picked it back up on YT instead. I feel like it's a better platform for the type of show this is

  6. America's deadliest drug, because of how many people use it and its incredibly rapid uptake (which includes incredibly easy availability), is alcohol. Alcohol has always been the most dangerous drug not only in America but also in the world for the past century or more.

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