Am I Addicted To Weed? | How my 18 years of chronic use ended

I’m here to have open and honest conversations about marijuana addiction and mental health. It’s not always easy to admit defeat, but for most of us, we know …


  1. While it may seem that quitting weed is the benefit, the real change is that drive which arises within, the natural life force everyone is entitled with since birth, so to speak. Maybe reading the approach in Nemery Thentel’s website can make sense to you as well.

  2. I smoke 6 out of 7 days a week but only at night after all my work is finished for the day. I wake up next day and I’m fine. Do u think I’m in control or I’m abusing it or to depend on it.

  3. Marijuana is not physically addictive in general, but is addictive just like EVERYTHING in this world. Point blank. No matter what you do, have control over it and limit your use. I smoke marijuana but I use it occasionally like it should be used–not 24/7. Cannabis is an amazing plant and should not be shunned. It is the miracle crop that can make 25,000 different products, and you can smoke it/use the seeds for medical uses and downtimes.

    Live a normal life, not a high life, but using marijuana doesn't have to be addictive unless you yourself have a problem with addiction. It's the individual, not the plant.

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