ADVERTISING grounds maintenance part 1 | Health & safety | What worked for building my business

advertising #selling #grasscutting Here I talk through what advertising we used to build our business and what worked.


  1. Another cracking video Scott.
    I think you could farm your old man out πŸ˜‰ I did a level 3 nebosh after my HNC. It was hard going, very dry.
    I built my business on leaflets. Still an important piece of the puzzle

  2. Brilliant video again,, enjoyed that. You can tell you have a good business head on your shoulders, along with a depth of knowledge you are certainly going to succeed well in your trade.

  3. Fantastic video Scott. I started in 2006 too. I made my own flyers and they got me my first job with somebody I didn't know. After that I was working all up that street and still working on the same street now. I turn my website to a white page when it gets too busy. Thinking of getting it back on in January as I think some of the companies may be looking for cheaper quotes with what's been going on to save money. I can definitely charge less than the big companies.

  4. Fantastic. Thanks for posting. Inspiring stuff. I'm going to be improving my marketing very soon. Looking at getting a website. Tough with spending the money, but the return us worth it. Thanks

  5. Thanks for your very informative videos mate. They're really helpful. My gardening business is ready to expand now and I find them invaluable. Much appreciated.

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